BIOS flash leads to XP reactivation?

  skeletal 17:52 13 May 2007

In my never ending saga of trying to get Vista to work, I flashed the motherboard BIOS yesterday. Immediately afterwards I only played with Vista.
Today I needed to do some proper work so I fired up my XP partition and, horror of horrors, I got all manner of messages telling me I needed to reactivate Windows.
I won’t bore you with all that saga, but after ages talking to a Microsoft person all is now well again.
My question is why the reactivation? I know if you change a lot of components together, this annoyance crops up, but I am surprised such a minor “upgrade” as a BIOS flash causes it.
My slight fear is that something else caused the re-activate flag, like running XP and Vista on separate partitions (so running Vista again will cause the problem).


  gudgulf 18:09 13 May 2007

The reason is that windows ties itself to the version of the motherboard BIOS it is installed on.

When you flash the BIOS Windows sees this as essentially a new motherboard and, depending on how many other changes you have made to your hardware since activation,may trigger a reactivation request.

It may even be that a change in motherboard details is enough on it's own to trigger the reactivation request.

  skeletal 18:58 13 May 2007

Ah, OK gudgulf, thanks for that. It just seemed a minor change to me (I've changed nothing else)...but what do I know!!

Thanks again.


  phoenix198 19:20 13 May 2007

If XP won't re-activate automatically over the internet then you should be able to call Microsoft and do it manually once you explain the circumstances to them.

Or aternatively you could re-flash the BIOS back to its previous version?

  skeletal 23:21 13 May 2007

Because the activation message was completely unexpected, I did not have a clue what I was doing. I tried the automatic internet way, but got stuck because I could not enter the required numbers quickly enough.

The only way forward was to talk to a person, which I discovered you can do by pretending that you want to buy a volume license!

I hate these automatic telephone service things; one mistake and you've had it; no matter what you shout down the phone you just get a repeated, meaningless message!

Interestingly, I did not have to re-register Vista, only XP.

Anyway, I hope the problem has gone away now...I guess I'll only know when I next restart!

Oh, and the BIOS flash enables Vista to start about half the time now, rather than not at all, so I don't want to go back to the previous version.


  stormy2k7 23:33 13 May 2007

id leave ista well alone for a few months untill they work out all the bugs it has with compatability issues etc i upgraded from xp to vista ultimate and as a result it hammered my processor which ive had to replace , i was told by toshiba to steer clear of this build as its memory hungry,full or un-forseen bugs and generally a pain in the foot u dont need and frankly i agree with them , ive tested all versions of this new os and i recon itll be ok in a few months wen developers patch up there apps etc to work with it, my advice...stay on xp m8

i envy your patience, are you a saint?

  skeletal 19:23 14 May 2007


I do wonder why I keep trying to make Vista work; it’s the challenge I suppose. Some swim the Channel; some climb Everest without Oxygen; me, I try to run Vista.

Am I saint? I would be, except I have to confess that if you saw all the dents in the walls where I have smashed the furniture in frustration you would not think so!


  stormy2k7 15:20 21 May 2007

there is a way around some compatability issues on some softwares you may have but ill leave ya to find the loophole for urself lol i a saint ? ....yeh the saint of stella artois lol ...on a serious note u can make your apps work in vista by simply downloading windows server 2000 and have it run on a virtual ide :) worked ok for me with most apps i used to have with xp ..... run a virtual drive .. its easy all u need is either another hdd or make a new partition n alter your boot up files once u have windows 2000 on a virtual ide u simply right click ur apps u wanna run , advanced n select both run as windows server 2000 and also check the run as admin box..apply it n ok :) if ur a lil cleverer than that u cud just run 2 os's on same hdd and alter the bootup log so u can choose wot os u wanna run at boot :) u may wanna get someone to help u if u go the latter way tho cos if u dunno about altering the bootup ull totaly wreck the os and ull have somewhat of a large blue problem lol google it or look around tech forums or ask

  skeletal 19:31 21 May 2007

For most of my problems, I have not even tried to load other software. I did load Office yesterday and got a crash on the re-boot, first glance Office seems to work, but much slower than under XP (I have another thread on that topic). I need to investigate further.

Because I have set up dual boot, I do all my serious work on the XP partition.

I guess I was lucky in that respect. I have come across problems because the way Vista re-writes the boot.ini file (IIRC).

I had XP running, created a new partition, then loaded Vista in to the new partition. This worked for me (about the only thing that has!).


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