Bonzy 09:30 15 Mar 2005

Hello friends, I have a problem pc on my hands. It was hit by a power surge sometime ago, the burnt PSU got replaced; it ran fine. Before that it had been running on a very noisy CPU fan. That got changed too and it ran fine. Since then the PC's behaviour has been rather erratic. Now what is happening is that when coldbooted, the CPU fan starts running, there's the usual keyboard flash, the hdd green light comes on and remains on, the hdd red light comes on briefly to show life; that's all. Nothing else happens even though I see the monitor powered on. No beep, none! The bios doesn't seem to start the ball rolling, as expected; nothing appears on the monitor, no bios activity whatsoever. I see that the fdd and cdrom don't get kindled at all because they don't show flashes as expected. This is still happening even after replacing the VGA card with a new one. I changed the monitor, same story. So now, what could be happening? Is it the bios chip that is gone or it is the m/board itself gone bellyup? Please help.
Thanx in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:51 15 Mar 2005

Try resetting BIOS to factory default, may be a jumper on the Mboard, or remove CMOS battery for 10 mins refit and reboot.

  Bonzy 12:05 15 Mar 2005

Resetting bios to factory defaults is impossible because it doesn't even start; there's nothing showing on the monitor even though the VGA card is brand new. Is there a way of getting into bios even when it doesn't start? Thanx.

  Yoda Knight 12:09 15 Mar 2005

re-set using the jumpers - consult your manual for details

  Completealias 12:16 15 Mar 2005

Remove the BIOS battery look in your manual 4 your mobo and you'll find a jumper for clearing the CMOS do so then replace the battery and try booting

  Bonzy 10:41 18 Mar 2005

Hello friends, sorry for the delay and thanx for your ideas. I looked for the reset jumpering on the m/board and reset the bios that way without removing the battery. Did I have to remove the battery in addition to jumpering? In any case reseting using the m/board jumpering I rebooted and the behaviour was the same - nothing on monitor. I connected this monitor + its cables to another CPU and it all worked just fine, so the monitor + its cables are ok.
With the non-responding CPU, the keyboard flashes when powered up, the hdd shows up too, but there's no beep, nothing except the CPU fan that runs. Remember, the VGA card is brand new.
I'd appreciate some more help, friends. Thanx.

  Storik 10:45 18 Mar 2005

Did you replace the memory modules after the machine was zapped? Not necessarily the problem, but worth looking into don't you think?


  Storik 10:56 18 Mar 2005

As you probably know, it's a process of elimination with computers. Could be any number of things causing the problem, but it may not be the motherboard. Clue: Life to keyboard via motherboard. The others, floppy disk and CD-ROM drives are powered directly from PSU - so perhaps they got fried too.

Incidentally, when resetting the BIOS/CMOS via the battery/jumpers, you should disconnect from the mains. You probably know that already too!

Try disconnecting everything from the motherboard, apart from power of course, and add each component one at a time. Obviously you will need the memory installed, but no graphics card will cause a beep error. Anyway good luck.


  Bonzy 10:58 18 Mar 2005

Thanks Storik. Yes, when this particular problem started, the RAM module had been changed to a new one. I changed it again with the first one, just in case - same unfortunate story!

  Storik 11:43 18 Mar 2005

So at least we can eliminate a memory problem, monitor problem and a VGA problem. Let's be optimistic, we're a little closer now. (OK not much, but it's one step!)

Have you checked the CPU in another motherboard? Or/and another CPU in the problem motherboard?

Presumably you've also checked that the RAM modules are OK in another motherboard?

Back to getting the old grey matter ticking over for more inspiration. lol


  Bonzy 13:03 22 Mar 2005

Storik, thanx. The ram, hdd and all have been tested and seen to be ok. But tell me this please. I know bios gives different numbers of beeps to indicate different problems detected during POST. But what exactly does it mean when bios gives no beeps at all even when the keyboard is scanned alright? Bios is completely quiet! Please help.

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