Bios Fails to Remember HDD

  gmcneely 15:18 11 Mar 2006

I have an unusual Problem with an Award Bios. When you enter CMOS setup it recognises various HDD's but when you F10 out & it reboots it fails to detect a hard drive. but it always detects the optical drives.

1. Checked battery - works OK
2. Reversed Primary & Secondary cables - same result in reverse Optical detected as primary no HDD detected.
3. swapped cables so 1 optical drive on each - success both detected no hdd detected
4. Flashed original Bios 1004 to 1012 problem still remains.
5. Flashed Bios to 1013 (beta) problem still remains.
6. Searched web
7. Checked for shorts
8. Came Here

B.T.W the system will boot from both floppy & optical drives.

Any & all help Appreciated. . . . else addy for a wig manufacturer

  Diodorus Siculus 15:20 11 Mar 2006

How did you check the battery?

HAve you tried a new one?

You seem to have done everything to be expected... coming here was a long way down the list :-)

Flashing to a beta Bios was brave :-)

  mehome 15:29 11 Mar 2006

try setting the hard drive to (cable select)

  gmcneely 15:30 11 Mar 2006

I checked the battery in 2 ways swapping it with another PC Battery which worked and then started other PC with no Problems.

Reverted bios back to pre beta version.

I was just wondering if someone had a similar experience.

  gmcneely 15:32 11 Mar 2006

On Way I'll try cable select currently sat as master as is a single drive computer.


  Diemmess 15:34 11 Mar 2006

I presume there is data on it, or you would not have tried every whichway to access it.

If you have an external HD. or a case anyway, you could slip this drive into it and try on another computer to see if it is visible as a USB drive.

  gmcneely 15:51 11 Mar 2006

Well that seems to work perfectly. Set it back to Master problem returns. SO cable select it is. My appreciation just overflows.
Thanks again.

  mehome 16:23 11 Mar 2006

if the hard drive is old it may be on its way out

  gmcneely 16:34 11 Mar 2006

No I thought that may be the case but I tried 3 seperated HDD's. 2 of which I could guarantee working.

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