bios driving me bonkers

  Eusabius 19:31 17 Mar 2003

Can anyone offer any suggestions about the following: every 2nd or 3rd time I boot up, before Windows loads, I am told that either my 'CMOS settings are incorrect' or my CPU settings are wrong. I am prompted to either press F1 to adjust the settings or F2 to load the default settings. I have only ever pressed F2 once and this ended in complete malfunctuion. I therefore press F1 & go into the bios where I restore the correct settings. Saving and exiting, Windows (98) then loads normally. Until next time (or the time after), when I have to go through the whole process again, the settings I made having reverted back. The most obvious things that need changing are: CPU - I have to revise this upwards to it's correct speed & frequency; I have to reset the CMOS settings; In the Advanced Set-Up section I have reset the Boot sequence (?) to IDE 0, then CDROM, then floppy. And the date always goes back to Sep 2000 - I don't bother correcting this anymore because it's too time-consuming, which means that all my file creation dates are wrong. This has been going on for 6 months. It's all driving nuts! Is it the battery? If so, is it easy (& cheap) to fit a new one? I fitted a new hard drive about a month before it started. Anything to do with that? SPEC: 20gig HD, 600mhz celeron, 380 SDRAM, American Megatrends M/board.

  DieSse 19:37 17 Mar 2003

It's more likely to be the battery than anything. it'll be dead easy to replace. You'll see it readily - it's a flat silver disc about 1.5cm diameter. It just clips in and out - and on modern systems it's (almost?) always a CR2032 type lithium clock battery.

  cream. 20:50 17 Mar 2003

Some times you can check if it is the battery.

At present when you switch off the system do you also switch it off at the wall socket?

If you do then leave the wall switch "switched on". This can send a trickle charge to the battery keeping it ticking over.

It will not charge the battery, but it should stop it from completely draining.

If this works, it's your battery.

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