bios cpu settings

  Muzziad 17:25 01 Mar 2003

I have assembled my first system, powered up nicely, no error beeps.
However it gets to the screen displaying master/slave drives, RAM etc and it displays the processor as XP1500. It's an XP2700 (333fsb)

It then says

I can't work out what to do from here. Mobo is an Asus A7N8X Deluxe. Bios version displayed is 1001g. No OS yet installed.

This is my first self build, took the actual assembly nice and slow, and pleased to say it went relatively painlessly, with the exception of slicing my finger on the Coolermaster aluminium case. Hope this is the only software/settings problem i have!

  bremner 17:37 01 Mar 2003

In the BIOS go to the Advanced menu and then to Advanced Chipset Features. There you can set the CPU frequency and multiplier. The frequency should be half the FSB = 166Mhz and the multiplier should be 13 or thereabouts ie 166 * 13 = 2170

  Muzziad 17:48 01 Mar 2003

changed the settings as you said. now displays as a 2700 cpu, but on the same screen i now get

WARNING!! CPU have over speed. (asus English, not mine!!)

also, when i eventually manage to get past this screen, is installing Windows XP just a matter of inserting the CD into my D drive and away i go?

  BrianW 17:57 01 Mar 2003

Try dropping the multiplier to 12.5, this may resolve the problem.

  SantasLittleHelper 18:03 01 Mar 2003

Hi, you will have to set your machine to boot from the CD drive first before it will recognise the CD. It should then ask you to press any key to boot from the CD drive, then away you should go.

  SantasLittleHelper 18:04 01 Mar 2003

p.s boot from CD is setup in the bios.

  Muzziad 18:13 01 Mar 2003

the setting selection i have is 12.5/13 on the same setting
i tried changing it down to 12, now it boots to up saying XP1500, and still warns me that the CPU is over speed

  Rayuk 18:25 01 Mar 2003

12.5/13 is the correct setting.
Have a read click here

  Muzziad 18:39 01 Mar 2003

thanks, very handy site

i've decided to ignore the error message for the moment, i changed to boot sequence and am now loading WinXP. when that's done i shall see once more if i can change to bios settings to 166*12.5/13 and follow the advice on that site to change the 'HaltOn' bios setting to No Error. hopefully i won't do any damage this way.

any other thoughts or suggestions from anyone with regards either to this problem or hints for new system configuration etc will be gratefully received.

  Muzziad 01:41 02 Mar 2003

thanks to everyone who helped.

finally got my problems resolved. i was getting an error message on XP install
"page fault in non paged area"
turns out after a bit of online investigation that this has a few causes, in my case it was due to trying to run Dual DDR ram configuration with 2 non identical sticks of RAM. i ordered them both at the same time but unfortunately got 2 different brands.

changed the RAM sticks to different slots and everything installed fine. something to bear in mind for others.

if you are interested, the spec of my new baby is:

Coolermaster ATCS 101b-SX4
Athlon XP2700 333fsb (Coolermaster heatsink included)
1gb PC2700
Asus A7N8X Deluxe + iPanel Deluxe
420w Hiper Power PSU
3 x 120gb Maxtor Quiet Drives
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
16x DVD
48 16 48 CDRW
Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse/Keyboard

plus a few small items such as a webcam, IDE controller, rounded cables

everything ordered from Scan on Wednesday, delivery was up (down??) to usual CityLink standards, i.e. they didn't and i had to pick it up, but that's not down to Scan and overall i am pleased.

price wise, i checked with a couple of forum favourite system builders for a similar spec and found it to be roughly comparable, but i have the benefit of branded components and a clean install of Windows.

no soundcard, thought i'd test out the onboard sound as it has had good reviews. besides, the A7N8X apparently has compatibility problems with some cards, namely Audigy 2.

once more, many thanks for assistance given. it gave me confidence knowing that if i encountered any problems i could just run upstairs, ask this forum and have a helpful answer within a matter of minutes.

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