BIOS CheckSum error

  iqs 14:14 23 Jun 2008


I have just changed the CMOS battery,believing maybe it was at fault for the loss of date and time,and the BIOS Checksum error that I have received 3 times over the last week or so.

I installed the battery,and the Checksum error appeared again.The BIOS is showing a charge of 3.72v for the battery.The MB is only 15 months old,but I changed the old battery anyway.

I checked on-line for other reasons for the Checksum error,found one site which suggested updating the BIOS.

I used the Foxconn CD,and installed the update utility program.I backed up the old BIOS first,then update to a newer version.

This went well,except that I had to re-register XP.
This tool a while over the phone,could not connect the the Microsoft web site.

Xp is now registered and the BIOS update has not caused any noticeable errors.

Right,finally my question,phew.

Did I do the correct thing by changing the battery first,then updating the BIOS.Is there something else which can cause the Checksum errors ????

Any help appreciated .

Many thanks,Mike

  crosstrainer 14:19 23 Jun 2008

The battery was probably the cause, but checksum errors can be caused by a variety of things:

Memory Problems

BIOS settings not retained (usually the battery)

Hard drive issues.
CPU problems

I would monitor it, but seems that aslong as your settings are correct and the issue does not return, then the battery was the likely cause.

Even with a new mobo, I have had weak and failed batteries (never know how long the batteries have been hanging around prior to installation)

  Quiller. 14:24 23 Jun 2008

If you turn off the computer and then pull the power socket from the wall. If the bios says it's gone back to defaults, mainly the clock and date.

You need a new battery

If the bios holds the time and date. You don't need a battery.

"then updating the BIOS"

It would have been better to update the configuration data on the cmos first. there is usually a setting to re-evaluate the cmos settings.

If all that fails. Set the cmos to basic defaults which will give you the minimum settings.

if that fails try a bios flash.

"Is there something else which can cause the Checksum errors "

A corrupted or knackered bios chip will do this.

At the end of the day a bad checksum error usually pauses the system to boot and does not stop it from booting.

  iqs 14:27 23 Jun 2008

crosstrainer,thanks for the reply.

I hope that the problem has now been addressed.With a new battery and a newer BIOS,it just leaves the possible components you mention.

The PC is only 15 months old(HDD CPU etc),I bought from Evesham before they were taken over,so no guarantee.Not a big problem,I have built many PC's,and currently studying PC repair at college.So if it goes wrong,I can fix it.

Its just the cost to me if the HDD or CPU does fail.

But like you said,I will monitor it,and lets hope it does not appear again.

Thank you for your help.Kind regards,Mike

  iqs 14:30 23 Jun 2008


Thank you for the reply.

Can you please explain the followig,I assume is it not like resetting the BIOS?...

'it would have been better to update the configuration data on the cmos first. there is usually a setting to re-evaluate the cmos settings'


  Quiller. 16:06 23 Jun 2008

No it re calculates the checksum. In other words it re-counts the additions to the motherboard and re writes the sum of that total. So when the computer starts it checks the sum of the total. Hence checksum.

What is the make and model of your motherboard?

  iqs 19:09 23 Jun 2008


My MB is a FOXCONN 946GZ7MA/946PL7MA.Cheers

  Quiller. 19:50 23 Jun 2008

Enter the bios and go to PnP/PCI configurations.

The second item down should be *reset configuration data*. Change this to enable and press F10 to save and exit.

The bios will re-write the pci and configuration data on the next boot.

  iqs 20:02 23 Jun 2008

this is done,should I change it back to disabled,or leave as enable ?.Cheers quiller

  Quiller. 20:03 23 Jun 2008

It reverts to disabled by itself.

  iqs 20:43 23 Jun 2008

quiller,your a star

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