Bios cant be enabled so cant boot from disc, help

  arghimstuck 22:11 14 Feb 2009

I have just recently set XP up on my Dell Latitude CPi laptop, i am not to keen and want to revert back to either 2000/98, but i cant do either as i cannot change boot sequence to boot from cd-rom. I know I'm workin on a very old laptop and need some help desperately to revert back. Tried downloading software to wipe hard-drive but they all need to boot from cd-rom. So having no joy.
Please one of you kind clever people, help me!!

  Alan-Petrie 22:12 14 Feb 2009

why can you not enter the bios ?

  arghimstuck 22:21 14 Feb 2009

disabled and wont let me enable it.

  Alan-Petrie 22:27 14 Feb 2009

you mean the cp boot option is disabled and you cant enable it but the bios its self can be opened

  Alan-Petrie 22:28 14 Feb 2009

sorry that should say "cd"

  Alan-Petrie 22:42 14 Feb 2009

From reading online there is a password need to change bios settings. The only possible ways to get this password however is to phone dell and provide proof of ownership.

Or there is a program avaliable on the internet which can generate the password from your laptops serial numbers.

The third way is to short out two pins on the motherboard.

Some say these work however others say none of the above work.

Good Luck

  Strawballs 23:16 14 Feb 2009

If you want to go back to 98se (but I cant see why ) use a 98 startup floppy and boot from thaqt to fdisk the drive and re-install 98. Most machines from that time came preset to boot from floppy first

  Eric10 09:47 15 Feb 2009

I have no direct experience of the Dell Latitude but from looking on the Internet there is a suggestion that if you press F12 when booting a Dell laptop you should get a drive menu that will allow you to choose the CD as the boot drive.

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