BIOS beeps indicate memory (RAM) failure ?

  Probabilitydrive 12:44 02 Aug 2007

My second system is a:
XP Pro, Intel motherboard (...775), E6700, Ati Radeon X1900 XT, (recently the mobo had been replaced).

Yesterday I fired up the system and all went well. After about 2 minutes in windows. the screen went suddenly black for 2 seconds,recovered, than black for 4 secs and that was it. I had a permanent black screen.

I tried to reboot and was confronted with the following:
3 regular (1 second) mobo beeps, all fans running at full tilt, not able to boot whatsoever.

I would say the BIOS beeps indicate memory(RAM) failure and the next cause of action is to confirm this by using 1 stick at a time.

Would you agree with that?
What other causes might be indicated by the mobo beeps?
What other troubleshooting procedures would you recommend?

  [email protected] 13:18 02 Aug 2007

mobo or ram try the ram reseat/ one at a time idea

  keef66 14:57 02 Aug 2007

download Memtest86, create a boot disk then boot the pc with the disk in the drive. Memtest should start and after a few clicks it will test your ram till you tell it to stop.

If your ram is duff it will tell you within seconds.

  keef66 14:57 02 Aug 2007

If that's your second system, what's your first one like??

  Probabilitydrive 15:10 02 Aug 2007

Thanks for you advice, I'll try the Memtest86 and run it as advised.
Primary box of choice is an crazy impulse buy, I'm afraid. It runs on pure financial debt and its innards are insured by the Italian mafia. Should go something wrong, I'll be posted in blood here in this forum...(:

  Probabilitydrive 15:02 07 Aug 2007

OK. I swapped the memory sticks (2X 1 GB) around and found that both sticks work in one slot (am able to boot into windows) but not in the second slot (as above the mobo sounds 3 beebs).

I went into BIOS to check data under 'hardware configuration' and found that there are no option to choose from !! just a blank (on the right hand side of this BIOS window).

I also run INTEL desktop utilities and here too, I have no hardware data (CPU temperature/Voltage etc...) just a blank page.

> Does that indicate a mobo failure?
> Would resetting the mobo to its default settings(by removing the battery for some time) help?
> Any other troubleshooting tips I could try?


  keef66 15:23 07 Aug 2007

There's clearly something wrong with the mobo

What does it say in System Info? (accessories / system tools / system info)

Yes, you could try clearing the cmos by removing the battery for a while (some mobos have a jumper to achieve this)

You could also see if there's an updated bios available on the mobo manufacturer's website; I have updated the bios on my MSI board a couple of times, for reasons I cannot recall.

  Probabilitydrive 15:40 07 Aug 2007

Haven't checked system info as yet, will do. And yes, just checked INTEL web site, there is a new Bios version available, alas this might involve flashing the Bios. Something I would rather do as a last resort.

I try first the resetting of the BIOS to its default which might solve another mystery, I haven't addressed as yet.

Before the mobo was replaced, on booting up, after the POST, the screen showed a sequence of 2 digit letters, before gong to the Windows splash screen.

After the mobo was replaced the same process takes place as above BUT before going to the Window splash screen the 2 digit number sequence is repeated.

So, it seems BIOS is loading (drivers??) twice. I wonder whether this would have something to do with the issue at hand.

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