morning, been up most of the night with this one, so hoping you guys can offer advice.
i have upgraded my cpu to a dual core, all is fine, except, i fitted then stock hsf which works fine but isnt the best (was warned about this) have also bought a arctic cooler 64 pro,the problem i have is if i fit the arctic pro, as it runs much slower the pc tells me its not working and shuts down, their site tells me to fit to spare power, plug old cooler into pc and change in bios.
my bios f1 on startup, all the cpu details are correct and all greyed out, i cant change any cpu details, have looked at jumper settings on mobo site and cant find any details.
im sure i have seen a bigger set up screen with a power save logo, but cant for the life of me remember how to find it.
is this because its a basic prefab hp machine?
its not a problem, its just a little noisy when playing games.
any advice, as always gratefully recieved.

mobo ASUS A8M2N-LA
amd 64 5200 x2
phoenix award v6 bios

amd have confirmed its my prefab machine to blame and i am stuck with their cpu cooler (i suppose they would!)
they also adviced use of any other cooler would invalidate my warrenty (how would they know?)
and finally my temps are slightly cooler than the average.
i have just done a spring clean, including removing and blowing out the underside of my grx card and it appears this is what the noise was, its only been fitted 3 months, so if you have nvidea 7600 make sure you clean it regulaly

replaced the amd cooler with the asus one that was on old cpu, i guessed it be inferior as it came off a smaller chip, but on closer inspection the fan was only slightly larger (and a bit lower)
with amd cooler:
core0 36
core1 39

core0 58
core1 63

with asus
core0 22
core1 24

core0 38
core1 42

i was told the amd cooler wasnt up to much, but never expected this difference! obviously pc is much quiter now as fan isnt going full speed while gaming.
just thought this maybe useful to others noobies doing an upgrade

  crosstrainer 11:10 11 Mar 2007

Similar with AMD dual corex64..retail fan temp high..replaced with superior the system...even in games never hits 39c

dont understand it, you see it everywhere on amd forum, wonder why they give you naff cooler?

all compaq presarion owners, bios is acessed by pressing f8 on startup, if you need to change anything risky hold down f11 key which allows access to hardware psu etc, not well documented and its to stop people like me breaking things!
now have arctic cooler fitted and a more peaceful gaming experience

should have read f1 for bios f11 for hardware monitor access

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