okcoky 15:19 28 Apr 2005

hi strange problem this,on turning my on pc it comes to the bios splash screen then hangs for 5 minutes exactly before loading windows.Once windows has loaded everything is fine the motherboared is a msi k8n neo platinum.This only started happening 2 days ago after about 4 power cuts on the trot cut out my pc.As i said everything is fine appart from hangs on the screen saying --tab to post-- press delete to enter bios but i cannnot get into bios unless i hold the button down just before it decides to boot.Hve looked at bios and everything seems fine,

  woodchip 15:31 28 Apr 2005

If you had power cut's they play havoc if the computer was on at the time. It may need the BIOS flashing to put it right. As it may now be corrupt, as Windows as nothing to do with BIOS. The BIOS is the first thing that computer checks when starting up

  okcoky 16:04 28 Apr 2005

yes i gathered it might need flashing was hopeing no one was going to say that as its pretty difficult isnt it?i have been to msi support page and i know what bios i have and i have down loaded the exe flash utility,the bit i am unsure about is it says you have to create a boot disk and then it says boot in dos then start the flash utility by typeing in the name of the flash utility and then the name of the rom file? what is the rom file?

  gudgulf 16:16 28 Apr 2005

woodchip is probably right,but before you flash the BIOS you could try using the jumper/removing the mobo battery to reset the Bios to factory defaults.You will have to reset the clock/date and any changed settings,so make a note of what the settings are now.That will clear any corruption in the cmos and might sort you out.

  okcoky 16:36 28 Apr 2005

do you mean resetting the cmos and if so do i have to get all the setting off of every bios screen?

  gudgulf 16:47 28 Apr 2005

Yes...reset the cmos. Most settings will be standard...and the system will boot up with standard settings.It's just worth a look through to note what onboard devices are set as enabled/disabled etc.If it's a big name manufacturers machine it will probably be set up ok as standard.

  okcoky 16:52 28 Apr 2005

i built it myself is there any bits that i should write down to reset that are important? just incase it wont boot?

  gudgulf 16:59 28 Apr 2005

No not really-----If you built it then you will know how you set it up first time round.At least I hope you do.I build my own too, so I'm used to resetting the cmos......Playing with overclocking/tweaking the memory timings etc etc until it refuses to boot.Reset cmos and off we go again,lol.It's a lot less risky than flashing the BIOS and it might just cure your to be worth a go.

  okcoky 17:09 28 Apr 2005

yeah sounds less risky and i did set it up myself but canot remember doing anything too much with the bios lol

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