ski2004 10:57 26 May 2004

I have forgot how to get on to my computers bios when i reboot, can anyone give me a hint??? Cheers.

  sicknote 10:59 26 May 2004

F2 DEL !!!

  sicknote 10:59 26 May 2004

F2 or DEL !!!

  sicknote 10:59 26 May 2004

F2 or DEL !!!

  biobird 17:28 26 May 2004

Someone has just posted a useful list of ways into the BIOS, which depends on the brand or type of BIOS, but Search is not bringing it up, although it was only a few days ago.

I put the link in my favourites, but I don't know how to make "Click Here". The address is click here

  hugh-265156 17:42 26 May 2004

thats all you do to make a click here biobird.either type in the address or cut and paste it.

ski2004 if yours is not listed on the site above look at your monitor and it will tell you which key to press

will say something like "press xx to enter set up"

  biobird 17:44 26 May 2004

Ah, now I see the address turns into "click here" when the response is posted, but it will not open unless you paste the link into your address bar. Sorry.

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