Biggest problem ever

  pcdaley21 16:54 06 Apr 2008

Hi can anyone help regarding my wireless router logon...?

After typing the password i'm given a screen

The network password needs to be 40bits or 104bits depending on your network blah blah blah

I had no problems with my pc but just this issue with my laptop logon?

Help Please. mike

  Tj_El 17:04 06 Apr 2008

It looks to me like the password request is the WEP or WPA security password hence the message re 40bits or 104bits.
However I may be incorrect. Wait for others to respond who may have seen this before.

How do you connect using your PC - wired or wireless? If the latter, did you set a WEP/WPA encryption key to secure your wireless?

  tullie 17:06 06 Apr 2008

You should be asked for your routers SSID,thats all,no password,just SSID

  pcdaley21 17:09 06 Apr 2008

I'm set up on a wireless internet, it's my gf who wants to join on her laptop but i've never came across that screen befor. Just the nrmal password one...?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:17 06 Apr 2008

Sounds as if she is trying to setup a NEW network connection rather than connecting to your network (router).

Start - settings - network connections - click on wireless network - shoul thn show list of available wireless connections - click on yours - will then ask for your security key (input your key and click connect) or will show same screen with dots where key should be just click connect.

  pcdaley21 17:22 06 Apr 2008

Still no luck, same screen :o(

  wotbus@ 18:25 06 Apr 2008

Each PC on a network must have a different name. May be just a simple matter of renaming hers. Most people never bother naming their PC's and just leave it at the default name, which will work for you but not her.
The SSID is the same of course (name of network) but the PC's must be A and B or 1 and 2 or Eric and Susan or whatever.
If you are security key protected then she must log in with the same key.

  brundle 18:31 06 Apr 2008

Get this ; click here

Copy the key from your working wireless machine to the other machine (put it on a flash drive). Make sure the encryption method being used on the non-working machine matches the one on the working machine, WEP/WPA/WPA2, length of key, AES/TKIP if using WPA/WPA2.

No need to type SSID unless it's hidden and you can't select it from the `Available Networks`, no need to rename machines unless you want to network them and share files between them.

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