The biggest issue in mainstream computing is......

  Sketch 12:52 19 Mar 2003

I read this poll and feel that there is an option missing.

In my opinion the biggest issue concerning PC technologies is their untamed ability to date faster than fresh bread.

I bought an AMD Atlon 1800 XP this time last year. Top of the range. Today, is isn't even sold anymore, and the chip speed has doubled!

Graphics is another factor. Games/software just suck the life out of your system now, and if you don't have the power you can't play the game/software!

Computer technology supercedes itself at such an astounding rate that keeping on top of things and having access to as much compatible software for your system, is getting quite migraine inducing.

However, having said that, an 1800XP is still pretty quick off the starting blocks, and with this continuing expansion of technological capability.....

....picking up a system that WAS the 'top dog' last year, will ultimately be somewhere around half price this year! :-)

*Waiting patiently for the GeforceFX, so I can snap up a cheap Geforce 4 Ti4600 on the stock clearance*


  Scouse 12:58 19 Mar 2003

Sketch, you have hit the nail right on the head. Progress is a good thing but when you walk out of a store with your brand new PC, by time you get it home the thing is out of date!


  nightporter 13:01 19 Mar 2003

I was having a clear out last week and found a receipt(?) for a PC I bought in 1999. It was a P3 450mhz that was £1149.99. NO MONITOR. The monitor cost £249.99 and it was 15" How times change.

  Sketch 13:06 19 Mar 2003

It's like buying a car. Buy the time you drive it off the showroom floor, you've probably already lost a grand on it.....coz its now 'technically' used!


  cherria 13:25 19 Mar 2003

Not sure I understand how you would class that as the biggest issue.

Nobody forces you to ugrade or use the latest games/software.

Your 1800AMD (and I bought a top of the range 1400 about 2 years ago) will serve you for the next 10 years or more if what you want to do is use Windows XP, Office XP and the scanner, printer you currently have.

It is your desire to have faster processing, better more realistic games/graphics that fuels the innovation.

  Goldcroft 14:14 19 Mar 2003

Isn't it the truth that most people upgrade because they want to rather than have to or need to?

  Sketch 19:26 19 Mar 2003

That would ultimately depend on if you could get Splinter Cell and the up an coming GTA game running on a budget range Geforce 2 wouldn't it.

Regardless, thought it was a worthy point to make.


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