Bigger hard drive

  colberly 14:04 12 Mar 2003

At the moment I only have a 10GB hard drive, and tomorrow I am hoping to have a larger one installed. Can someone please answer a couple of questions for this technophobe?
Will the two drives run alongside with the OS only on one or is it better to transfer everything over to the larger one. If so how is this done please?
Thanks for any advice and help.

  stlucia 14:15 12 Mar 2003

You're probably better to leave the OS on the old drive, presuming that it's giving no problems.

When you add the new larger drive, if you plug it into the second connector on the same ribbon cable as the first drive you will need to set the jumpers (tiny plug thingy on the back of the drive) so that the old drive is "master" and the new drive is "slave". There will be diagrams on the drive cases to indicate how to do this, and your existing drive may be "master" already.

  pj123 14:25 12 Mar 2003

If you want to keep the 10gb drive as well as the new drive you will need to make the new drive a slave. then go in to the BIOS and make sure the new drive is detected. You will then need to format the new drive and it should live happily with the 10gb as the startup drive. If you want to replace the 10gb drive with the new drive you would need to look at this previous thread. click here

  cream. 14:34 12 Mar 2003

When you have done the above, connected the drive and have it recognized. Boot up as normal to windows, select the new drive in my computer and right click it. Scroll down to format, it will warn you that the drive is a removable device, proceed. It will the ask you to scandisk the new drive, do this.

Your new drive is now ready to receive data.

  colberly 21:27 12 Mar 2003

I think that leaving the 10GB drive and having the new one alongside looks like the easiest option. You have been very helpful so far and have answered my first query. No doubt once it is installed I will have more questions, so will be returning to pick your brains again, hope you don't mind.
Cheers colberly.

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