A big THANKS to all who helped me - and au revoir

  Brian-336451 17:26 24 May 2008

I'm putting this comment in the Helproom as over the last few years I have had an immense amount of help from a lot of people.

I've also had help on several occasions from a short list of 'serious' members.

I've even managed to give a little help too.

I am a 'certified VISTA-FREE zone' and have now switched to an Apple MacBook Pro.

I am running XP Professional in a virtual machine inside MAC OSX and it works really well.

It is my personal belief that Microsoft have driven many people away from Windows in their pursuit of ever-more intrusive software - they charge a small (I mean large) fortune for their software. Incidentally, Apple's latest system (no Premium, Business, Economy with all the useful stuff stripped out here variations here) is available at ONE price. That's it. It works and doesn't keep asking stupid questions. It's also feature laden - many extras that are charged for by MS.

Presently, most of us don't even OWN a virus checker - although I fully expect that to change when highly intelligent morons turn their twisted attention to the Mac. This means that the machine operates without this system overhead.

I am grateful for the progress that MS made to the computer fraternity and undoubtedly their products have made my life easier. Sadly, I think they've lost their way.

Take care all, and thanks again. I shall probably pop back now and then - as I'm still using XP Pro (by far and away the best system MS ever produced IMHO). Hence - au revoir.

Thanks also to PC Advisor - the only PC magazine I EVER subscribed to.

  bluto1 18:09 24 May 2008

Good luck to you. There's a whole lot of truth in what you say about MS.

  wotbus@ 20:49 24 May 2008

If it wasn't for MS I wouldn't be able to say, uhhhh, bi bi ;-)
This is Helproom - do you need help???

  rdave13 21:22 24 May 2008

First thing I noticed in your thread is that you just can't quite get rid of Microsoft even though you slate them. Confused a bit as if I went for a Mac then Microsoft wouldn't be near the computer.
Seems you are sitting on the fence?
Hope you enjoy the Apple...:)

  Brian-336451 21:55 24 May 2008

You're quite right I haven't got rid of Windows.

I rate XP Pro highly and have some software not ported to the Mac which is superb and I won't do without.

Also note that I praised MS for advances in the computing community. I believe that it was with the advent of VISTA they badly got it wrong, it is what drove me away.

I help a fair few people look after PCs (even now) and those with VISTA are really unhappy - most bemoan the 'loss' of XP Pro.

There are some great applications - superb in fact. It is the OS that has the problem, not the developers.

I used Windows since 3.1 and DOS before that. I have found OS X a steep learning curve but am really enjoying its stability and lack of 'nanny state' intrusive pop ups!!

Look at the thread on this site about a chap asking for a Vista Downgrade - speaks for itself doesn't it?

My last PC was an Acer Travelmate and was the last Acer I could find that mounted XP Pro, that was last May.

Anyway good luck to all, and I sincerely wish to pass my best to all those selfless (some say 'sad' [like me]) characters that have managed to direct these aging brain cells along the correct path.

  bremner 22:05 24 May 2008

For the last 18 months I too have had the identical set up to you and I agree with everything you have said.

The only reason I have XP running in Parallels is that my professional software and some material supplied by the OU does not [as yet] run on OS X, otherwise I would have kissed Windows goodbye.

Good luck.

  rdave13 22:06 24 May 2008

'along the correct path.' Eh? Vista is a crackingly good OS. Laptop with a piddly 1.7 GHz CPU and 2 MB ram SP1. Don't know if you've tried the OS or not but it's good.

  jamich 02:10 25 May 2008

i agree with you brian its true about vista and i really do not understand how could MS release beta version of OS and sell it for so much specialy here in UK rip off big time i would never ever pay that money for this OS.

i stick with my XP Pro i do not need vista and i hope i never will.

  rdave13 02:29 25 May 2008

'how could MS release beta version of OS and sell it for so much specialy here in UK rip off big time i would never ever pay that'

Beta version OS. Again EH?
Please explain your theory as it can only be that unless you are an accomplished operating system programmer. I await your truly wise thoughts and proof of your statements in anticipation.

  octal 09:05 25 May 2008

No need to give up the forum just because you no longer use Windows seriously, I have got Win2K on another drive that I use as a glorified games machine and all my serious work is carried out on my Linux system. I just find the forum interesting reading the problems people have even though I can't always offer any real advice, unless it's to do with Linux. So stick around, you never know, not only that this forum has never claimed to be a Windows only forum, so you might be able to give some advice on the MAC system, all are welcome.

  bremner 10:04 25 May 2008

Vista certainly polarises peoples views much like marmite. Personally it does nothing for me but you clearly appreciate it.

The beta comment is one often leveled at MS in that they release their O/S's knowing they are still very buggy and leave it for purchases to identify issues. This is the reason many wait for 6-12 months before changing to a new Microsoft O/S

Are MS alone in doing this ? of course not.

Should they do this? probably not..

... but in their defence Longhorn/Vista probably had MS's largest ever beta program, I was a tester. Even so with an O/S as big as Vista, an almighty 11GB in Ultimate, it would be almost impossible to identify all issues.

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