Big probs with McAfee VirusScan v.6.0

  Hornblower 12:31 18 Jun 2004

This morning I downloaded the latest update and have experienced real problems ever since, which has culminated in me deleting the entire prog. in safe mode. Not very comfortable about that!!

It started thus, after the download was loading the files: (Running Win ME)

'An exception has occurred at 0028:ED1E94FF in VxD MCSCAN32(01) + 000544FF. This was called from 0028:C00AB26C in VxD VKD(01) + 00000640'

I tried rebooting and the computer froze with the McAfee splashscreen showing. This happened another 2 times, so I rebooted into safe mode and tried a System Restore. No joy, same thing occurred with the following message:

'Filename: MSCAN32(01) + 000544FF Error: OE:0028:ED2294FF'

So, safe mode again and removed VirusScan from startup.

On reboot, computer froze again - same story.

Back to safe mode and uninstalled prog. after attempting repair with the disc, which couldn't be read in safe mode.

Anyone able to give me any reasons for this before I attempt a reload of the programme?

Thanks to anyone who can help...

  wotbus@ 15:45 18 Jun 2004

I have Me on my old PC and you only have to sneeze and it locks up...I also have the same AV software on it and my new one (XP) and can't recommend it highly enough. When downloading the AV software/updates, it is extremely important, moreso with Me, to exit any PopUp/Advert Stopper programs you have running. It is also very important to let the d/l complete before touching anything. The first thing is to get your PC running again so try to boot up normally. If it won't, boot it in safe mode and run in-depth scan disc (takes a while but you have to start somewhere). When its normal, log on to the AV site\My Account\ then try to download it again following all instructions to the letter. The download should detect/correct previous files and install correctly. Good luck.
PS Me (mine anyway) locks randomly and its easy to wrongly associate the problem with something else..

  Hornblower 08:27 21 Jun 2004

Thanks for that wotbus@

I have tried to re-load and exactly the same thing occurred, i.e. totalcrash until I removed the programme again. (It crashed in safe mode too, with AV running.)

For now I have given up and downloaded AVG. But I'd rather go with McAfee, I feel there's something about the latest update that did it, I've not had that problem before and everything was working just fine, with updates occurring weekly.

Anyone else had this problem?

  dickun 11:36 02 Jul 2004

Had problems with Virusscan V8 and NT On-Access errors in XP. Dumped McAfee and installed Norton problems to date and XP is much happier.

  hazelnut 15:39 02 Jul 2004

I have had the same problem after downloading McAfee virus file V4367 on the 16/06/04. I received the error message AVSYNMGR caused an invalid page fault in McScan32.DLL at 0167:12014c32. After that on attempting to reboot the startup hung on the Windows splash screen.
I have had to remove the McAfee program and have replaced it with AVG.

  JohnnyBoy 20:17 02 Jul 2004

I have just experienced the same problem as hazelnut, cannot use Mcafee at all at the moment since updating the last set of DAT files.

Any ideas on a workaround for this ?

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