Big Problems - Please help

  rods 10:11 19 Apr 2005

Hi, Il try and be as breif as possible, i did start a thread apx 2 weeks ago about a display problem but my problems have worsened.

It started with garbled display on boot and when loaded to desktop kind of like pink patterns on screen making any game unplayable.

I still have this problem but worse, every ten minutes or so (this is when it actually boots to desktop and not to a black screen)i get a VPU recover message which says:-

'VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands'

and then asks me to send the error to ati, kind of like the windows error reporting message's.

I have googled this error message and found lots of people who have exactly the same problem but no real solution and every one who has the problem seems to have the same g.card as mine.

So far i have tried:-

1. No end of catalyst drivers and even the ones that came with CD.
2. Taking out G.card and reseating (which sometimes seemed to fix it for a while).
3. Resinstalling the VIA 4-1 drivers
4. Checked for overheat problem and all seems ok
5. As of last result last night i reinstalled windows xp, and still same problem.

Even in safe mode the image is all garbled, so cant be a driver problem.

Hope some one can help as is now driving me insane, my computer is just unusable like this. I am at work at moment so will try any advise when home tonight.

Many Thanks in advance.

My spec as follows:-

Windows XP
Radeon 9800 pro 128 meg
Athlon xp pro 3000
1024 ddr ram

  Diodorus Siculus 10:15 19 Apr 2005

Can you start in VGA mode? (From the same list that gives the option of safe-mode.)

  woodchip 10:26 19 Apr 2005

Have you a old Graphics card that you can try? take the side of computer case and check if the Graphics card fan is still working if one is fitted

  rods 10:35 19 Apr 2005

I have not tried in VGA mode, but i will try tonight - What will that actually do Siculus?

I was going to try that woodchip, but i have an AGP card and my dad only has pci slot.

But i can try my dads card in mine.

Ive also checked the fan on g.card and is working, the card does seem quite hot but i dont know if thats normal, so ive repositioned 2 fans blowing directly at it (i have 6 fans in there altogether).

I get a strong feeling that it is my card that is the problem

Cheers for reply's any more help would be appreciated

  Totally-braindead 10:44 19 Apr 2005

You certainly seem to have tried just about everything I can think of, now I bought a 9800 Pro about 6 months back and it worked fine on the desktop but whenever it went into something stressful it crashed, for example a 3d Game like Farcry, but I could potter about all for ages surfing the web or writing letters. This appears to be similar from what you have said to the problems I had including the sending messages to ATI, which I did, after driver changes and even a new power supply, I returned the card for a replacement and got a FX5900 instead and it works perfectly. The points I am trying to make are, the card may actually be faulty and may need to be replaced, mine was returned and I presume was actually faulty as the companies test the items before refunding and I got the money back in a couple of weeks. BUT I don't know 100% that the card was acually faulty, the reason I say this is there was a known fault with VIA chipsets and Radeon cards, now this is all meant to be sorted out with the newer VIA chipsets but my board is a VIA KT400 one of the older ones so what I'm saying is it may actually be the motherboard that is the problem. I wish I could be more help but thats what happened to me. My advice, either get the card checked on someone elses machine to ascertain whather it is the card or not or try returning it, presuming its new. Good luck.

  rods 10:54 19 Apr 2005

Thanks Braindead, appreciate your time there.

I did hear that if you have an ati card then stay clear of VIA chipsets.

I could accept that but why after 6 months of playing any game or any program etc all of a sudden its like this, its beyond me i tell ya.

See the problem is not only am i getting these error messages my screen is also garbled, like pinkish shadows on my screen. For example if i click the start bar, then click back to the desktop a pinkish shadow appears of the start bar still.

'at whits end'

  rods 15:45 19 Apr 2005


  Totally-braindead 18:03 19 Apr 2005

Didn't realise it had worked before, I presumed it was a new card. Mine never worked from day one. Only solution I can see is to try the card on another PC, if it does the same thing then its the card, if not then at least you'll know the graphics card is ok and can look elsewhere.

  Bobbydazzler 20:07 19 Apr 2005

I have had the same problem though with a somewhat different system, have been searching for answers and found not much. The graphics card is a Sapphire ati x800pro 256, pci express. Running win xp on a 3200 amd64 with 1024 ddr ram. The problem comes and goes, can go hours without anything then will have to restart three times in quick succession, and with the same message. Happens more often when I'm surfing, rarely during gaming. Have tried reinstalling OS, drivers, omega drivers, getting desperate thought it might be problem with ai booster software but hasn't seemed to make much difference. This on the asus a8n-sli deluxe mb.


There were problems with certin VIA chipsets. But I ran a ATi7200 for years (still going strong now with my daughter and her games) with a VIA chipset. As your worked for 6 moths I hardly think it is that problem. Sounds to me that the card has failed or the motherboard AGp slot is faulty. Easiest solution, try and beg any AGP graphics card, install it properly, remove old drivers, and install the proper one for the borrowed card.


Sounds like either a heat problem or a PSU issue.

  rods 11:53 26 Apr 2005

Sorry for late reply, been mincing about with my computer now since i started this thread and still no joy.

I have tried an old nvidia card in my comp and seems fine. I cant try an agp card though in my comp because i dont know of anyone who has one.

What i cant work out though when i install my agp card it boots up fine and no problems with Display, when i install the drivers for the card even the ones that came with it, thats when all my problems above kick in.

So i think its either my mboard is f**** or my agp slot is f*****

or my g.card is f******

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