Big ISP price increase - suggested alternatives?

  Pineman100 18:23 16 Dec 2009

My ISP (Tiscali Talk Talk) has told me that, unless I accept a "bolt-on" phone package from them, my monthly subscription will increase in January from £14.99 to £19.99.

I don't want the phone package, because I already have an excellent phone deal elsewhere. And I certainly don't want an increase of a third in my broadband fees.

Does anyone have any thoughts on ISP's that I should consider as alternatives?

My monthly traffic is variable, but probably averages about 7 - 8GB. I'm a bit nervous about a capped deal (my current deal is unlimited), so would prefer unlimited if possible.

My average broadband connection speed is around 3Mb. My local phone exchange is not unbundled.

My line stats (don't mean much to me, but might help!) are as follows. In each case, the first figure is downstream, the second upstream:-

Line Rate 4512 Kbps 448 Kbps
Attainable Line Rate 4928 Kbps 1076 Kbps
Noise Margin 5.8 dB 23.0 dB
Line Attenuation 25.5 dB 21.0 dB
Output Power 11.9 dBm 19.4 dBm

And finally of course, I don't want to pay 20 quid a month!

Any thoughts or suggestions, please?

  GaT7 18:49 16 Dec 2009

Do a search at SamKnows click here to see if you can get O2 BB click here, which starts at £12.23 for a 8 meg connection.

If yes, go via a cashback site click here / click here to get some money back.

If you own an O2 mobile (contract/PAYG) you can get a further £5 off your bill each month. A PAYG O2 phone will require a minimum of £10 topup every quarter to maintain the £20 (over a quarter) discount. G

  Clapton is God 15:35 17 Dec 2009

Take a closer look at that Tiscali £19.99 package.

Not only does it include up to 8mb BB but also free phone calls 24/7 to 01 and 02 numbers and 10 international destinations. It also includes line rental which is normally around £11 a month with BT.

  Poitier 15:42 17 Dec 2009

Another useful site is:-
click here

  Poitier 16:05 17 Dec 2009

Clapton is God,
The Exchange is not unbundled so surely line rental will still be payable to BT.

  Clapton is God 16:10 17 Dec 2009

"The Exchange is not unbundled so surely line rental will still be payable to BT".

Not so.

I use the £19.99 Tiscali package and that's all I pay. Nothing at all to BT or anyone else.

  ol blueeyes 16:12 17 Dec 2009

In all I have had some 5/6 ISP'S over the years giving me Broadband. The best without a doubt for for quality of service, price and general attitude towards their customers is o2. So if you can get it I would recommend it, especially if you have o2 mobile phone.

  Pineman100 17:15 17 Dec 2009

Thanks for your response.

I've dug out the letter from Tiscali Talk Talk and it says the following:

"We're offering you the opportunity to add Weekend Talk to your package for absolutely no extra cost. That means you'll have:

* Up to 8Mb superfast broadband (subject to line & location)
* Unlimited inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines (01, 02 and 03 numbers)
* Unlimited inclusive weekend calls to our top ten international calling destinations
* Our low calling rates at all other times

All for just £14.99 a month."

So it's only weekend calls that are free - and no mention of line rental. Maybe Poitier is right?

I really don't want to mess with the excellent existing phone deal that I have, as part of a TV & Phone package with Sky.

old blueeyes - thanks for that suggestion. I did find the O2 deal on their website, and was all set to switch my mobile phone account to them, in order to get the broadband deal. But I then read somewhere that the deal is only available if your exchange is unbundled (which ours is not).

  rdave13 17:33 17 Dec 2009

How about Sky? click here
Not a customer myself but seeing as you have TV and phone with them then might be worth a call.

  sunnystaines 17:58 17 Dec 2009

we have the talktalk free phone package which includes 08 numbers but what they do not tell you is 0844 & 0871 are not included as the system as not been updated to cover them a shock for your first bill

  Pineman100 18:00 17 Dec 2009

Unfortunately I run into the LLU problem again. As our exchange is not unbundled, I can't get Sky's best broadband deal, so I'd have to pay them £17 a month.

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