Big blue patch on screen

  Charence 22:52 09 Apr 2005

click here to see problem.

My Aunt says that there's always a large blue patch on the screen which won't go away and is always on top of other programs. She says that her computer is also going very slow.

I've advised her to reboot, get updates (from, download/run anti-virus and check the graphics card. I think its a problem with the graphics card, but not too sure. Does anybody else know what the problem could be?

Cheers, Charence

  jbp1982 23:03 09 Apr 2005

You'll need to give more information on the system. From the image it looks like xp so.... What graphics card does she have and so on?

  VoG II 23:05 09 Apr 2005

Check by substitution: different monitor on her PC, her monitor on another PC.

  LastChip 23:06 09 Apr 2005

It has all the indications of a system overload. Most commonly, there will be many application all running in the background, starting automatically at start-up.

If your aunt has limited resources on the machine, it simply overloads those resources. It's like trying to run XP on a machine that's well underpowered. It looks like XP; is it? If so, get her to click Ctrl+Alt+Delete once only. That will bring up Task Manager and check the applications tab. Tell her to let you know what is running.

  Buchan 35 23:09 09 Apr 2005

Probably just needs a basic clean out. Empty the Temp Internet Files, Run a disc clean and defrag.
You could also try cCleaner before defragging.

  Charence 00:00 10 Apr 2005

Yes its XP Home and I didn't think it was the monitor because the problem occurred in print screen as well.

I've advised her to run Disk Clean, I'll suggest Defrag and reducing start up items as well.


  Charence 16:45 10 Apr 2005

The problem was indeed an overload. I advised her to remove some items such as MS Office from startup and run CCleaner.

Thanks Charence

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