big big problems!

  gruffass 09:40 21 Feb 2006

Need help here, my pc won't boot up. It was fine yesterday but this morning nothing. Switch on and the fans go but then the hard drive light goes to yellow instead of green and the monitor shuts down. The only time i got to my desktop i had a message saying that windows had recovered from a serious problem and then it promptly shut down. When it goes to yellow i can still here the fans working inside but nothing else. If i keep my finger on power it button it eventually turns off but then it won't start up, i have to unplug it first then turn on then it goes to yellow. Any help truly appreciated

  Gongoozler 09:48 21 Feb 2006

This sounds like a hardware fault, most likely caused by faulty memory. When you switch on, do you always get a POST beep even when Windows doesn't start? Do you have more than one stick of memory, if so try removing one stick and then the other stick (so you always have one stick there). I don't know what the yellow hard drive light signifies, that will be something specific to your computer - what make and model is it?

  gruffass 10:02 21 Feb 2006

its an emachines 570. Just tried the memory thing no joy, i don't seem to have any power going to the pc. When i plug the power cable into the back, the fan on what i believe is the psu starts turning but i get nothing when i push the start button

  jack 10:07 21 Feb 2006

'Just tried the memory thing no joy, '

?? meaning what exactly
Beep or no Beep
Beep and we are looking for something else
No beep - then its a memory thing.

  gruffass 10:13 21 Feb 2006

what i meant was that i took a stick out but it won't turn on at all, no beeps no nothing. unplug power cable, plug back in, the fan turns but i get nothing when i switch on. Being a novice to this it seems that there is power going to the psu and nowhere else.

  gruffass 11:03 21 Feb 2006

just wondering, because it seems that there is power going to what i believe is the psu but nowhere else, could this be a motherboard problem?

  morgueman 11:18 21 Feb 2006

I had this problem with my pc recently! i phoned the shop i got it from and they said it was either a hardware conflict problem or a memory problem! i'm afraid i just took it back to the shop to get repaired, sorry!!

  gruffass 11:24 21 Feb 2006

I did ugrade the memory 2-3 weeks ago, i know have 1.5gb, wouldnt this have happened when i installed it? or is this usual for it fail later?
What hardware problem could it be?

  spuds 11:33 21 Feb 2006

Did you try installing or removing the memory or anything else, while the computer was 'alive'?.

  gruffass 11:36 21 Feb 2006

the only other thing i've done is install a radeon 9250 256mb graphics card but i did this 4 months ago?

  gruffass 12:02 21 Feb 2006

should i try putting my old gbraphics card back?What i dont understand is why it wont turn on

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