Bfroadband connection problems

  Creditman 14:45 19 Jul 2007

Twice in the last week I've lost my cable broadband connection. First time I called Virgin helpline & they quickly restored it by telling me to disconnect the modem power cable, then the ethernet cable & then reconnecting both again. After this it worked !. When problem occurred again I did same thing (from memory)& again problem was solved. Question is - what might be causing this ? Could it be a dodgy ethernet cable (it's worked fine for 3 years upto now) ? Or could something else be at fault ? Many thanks.

  birdface 17:26 19 Jul 2007

Virgin has been crap this week,I have been cut off a few times,i am supposed to get 2Mb and have been getting 381kbps or lower, Just checked the connection and its working ok at the moment,Just about the proper speed.So maybe they have fixed what was wrong, lets hope so anyhow.

  bruno 20:03 19 Jul 2007

I had trouble with my Sky connection dropping and it turned out there is a setting which,if ticked,turns off your connection to save power.It is in Start/control panel/internet connections/local area connections/right click/properties/configure/power management/untick the top box.

  Technotiger 20:12 19 Jul 2007

Or, yes it could be a dodgy ethernet cable, can you try another one? If you have a modem-router, disconnecting the power to the router for 10 seconds resets the the router. This is a normal way to 'fix' a dropped connection - though if there are other factors involved this is not always guaranteed to work, though it has never let me down yet.

  Technotiger 20:13 19 Jul 2007

Ooops, sorry just noticed as I posted this - you are on Cable!

  birdface 10:37 20 Jul 2007

Try this speed here See if you are getting the right download speed.

  Creditman 21:22 20 Jul 2007

Thanks for replies,but so far no-one has suggested the cause of my lost connexion might be anything other than a faulty ethernet cable (Virgin had already checked & said there were no problems in my area & that the problem must be with my computer). I just want to know before I go & buy a new cable ! Thanks again

  birdface 15:53 21 Jul 2007

Did you try the Speedtest.And were you getting the correct download speed If that was ok, Try Control Panel.Network Connection.Right click Local area connection and press repair.See if that finds anything.Or try Control Panel.Administrative Tools.Scroll down to Dns Client and make sure it is set to Automatic.

  Creditman 21:16 22 Jul 2007

buteman - thanks. Speed is ok when connection is good. Repair on Lan did nothing. Found DNS Client to be disabled - but what is this function & how might it help me ? Thanks

  birdface 22:10 22 Jul 2007

Dns Client keeps you connected to the Internet as far as I know.But you must set it to Automatic or it will keep cutting off.

  woodchip 22:19 22 Jul 2007

My guess and it's only a guess. Is that like When Power goes of things stop. it may be the router as to reboot if cable is disrupted.In other words a break in the connection, without your knowing it

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