Beware Zone Alarm

  Rogerfredo 21:49 20 Sep 2006

I have been using Zone Alarm on my PC for some years now with no problem (also using AVG antivirus).
However, I have recently had problems of my PC failing to boot, sometimes re-booting several times before managing to reach the desktop stage.
Things got so bad that I restored back to a backup image taken in January. My pc then reverted to its usual swift self.
However, after downloading the latest version of Zone Alarm (again), I found that the old rebooting problem resurfaced. I have now reverted back to an earlier version of Zone Alarm, and all is well.
I am running XP Home with SP1. Perhaps the later versions only work with SP2?

  lisa02 21:51 20 Sep 2006

why are you stuck on sp1?

  Stuartli 21:58 20 Sep 2006
  bretsky 21:58 20 Sep 2006

Have used Z/A free for years and years with no problems what so ever and running XP Home with SP1
Z/A v6.5.731.000

bretsky ;0)

  Stuartli 22:00 20 Sep 2006

I've used the free version of ZA for many years with Windows 98, 98SE, XP Pro and XP Pro + SP2 with no problems and also installed it on several other similar systems.

  Rogerfredo 22:00 20 Sep 2006

Because SP2 seemed to slow my computer, particularly on start up.
AS SP1 is apparently going to be soon "unsupported" perhaps I will have to retry SP2.

  Rogerfredo 22:03 20 Sep 2006

the latest version which caused the problem was 65.737. -I am also happy with the version you have.

  Kate B 22:06 20 Sep 2006

I think it's silly not to install SP2 - any problems with it were ironed out ages ago. Having an unpatched Windows installation isn't a great idea.

I've also used ZoneAlarm for yonks and had no problems with it.

  michaelandjolou 22:08 20 Sep 2006

I have also had similar problems to you SpikeyChris. The desktop would load but only after what seems an age. I hadn't connected the two. Which problem free version are you using now 65.722?

  bretsky 23:03 20 Sep 2006

Yes I see where your coming from, my Z/A free version is saying that the product is up to date, and I have just gone on their website and there is a newer version.

Will not upgrade to newer version until I read more positive replies.

Like you, worried that my XP home Ed 2001 will grind to halt with SP2.

bretsky ;0)

  Strawballs 23:13 20 Sep 2006

Where does spickeychris come into this???

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