Beware vistas sleep mode

  no way 16:58 02 Apr 2007

i have recently installed vista, but everyone beware
and be forewarned vista will let your pc goto sleep
(find it and turn this option off) my pc now havig been woke up has lost settings and will not go online
i have checked tis out and it is a known fault to m/soft there is a hotfix from ms tech support at £40
a time... does anyone know of it without the £40... please help

  hssutton 17:02 02 Apr 2007

I have no problem with Vista going into sleep mode, mind you I do have other problems, so I'm seriously considering reverting to XP

  Tim1964 18:05 02 Apr 2007

Had an issue with the mousepointer 'sticking' sometimes when coming out of sleep mode. I put this down to the mouse being connected by USB. I now have it in the PS2 port and it seems to have cure it.

  Fingees 18:15 02 Apr 2007

I set mine to sleep after an hour.

So far, had no trouble a all wth it waking up and resuming OK

  no way 18:23 02 Apr 2007

mine has "locked me out of internet use, no matter what i do it tells me there is a prob with the modem / router ,,what am i using now! i have contacted ms they know of this prob but u have to goto tech support.. ripoff

  no way 18:24 02 Apr 2007

am thinking of formatting and reinstalling

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