Beware thunderstorms.

  Forum Editor 19:12 03 Aug 2004

In London we've had violent thunderstorms this afternoon, and I thought a reminder might be in order.

Lightning can wreck your modem and computer, and during a storm it's a good idea to unplug both of them. Many of you will use anti-surge devices, but don't be lulled into a false sense of security. These devices are good, but not good enough to guarantee protection against a nearby lightning strike. Take a rest from computing until the storms have passed.

  jimv7 19:15 03 Aug 2004

Not forgetting to unplug the TV, satellite as well.

  iscanut 19:17 03 Aug 2004

Will an external USB Broadband modem be affected in the same way as an internal modem. My modem is plugged into a USB external hub which in turn is connected to a USB2 PCI card in the computer.

  Djohn 19:18 03 Aug 2004

Thanks for the reminder.

  end 19:24 03 Aug 2004

so I have yet to "reap the joys" of the storms.....gee..thanks FE!!! but..I too have an external modem for my broadband ( I think..with my two green lights!!)

and; of course my satelite "gives up" back to the TV ariel.....

but...had wondered about the safety of things in a violent storm.....

  Forum Editor 19:26 03 Aug 2004

whether internal or external, USB or PCI, are connected directly to the phone line, and are therefore vulnerable in a thunderstorm. Some Anti-surge devices have a socket for a modem and phone connection, and although there's a good measure of protection when you use these devices it's wise to play safe when lightning's about.

Each year we get a few threads from people who have had their modem and/or motherboard fried in a storm.

  Graham ® 19:34 03 Aug 2004

Thanks FE. My PC is fairly safe as my phone line is underground, my aerial (for PIP) goes to the Sky box first in another room and the mains is fed through a surge protector.

I did once wipe out a modem with my own lightning. I was vacuuming the inside of a printer prior to fitting a new toner. I wondered why my hair was tingling!

  end 19:40 03 Aug 2004

I think I am about to get a "heavenly car wash" here is getting rather dark.....may be a good time to turn off and walk fluff...have seen the "sea-on-land" on the news......

  [email protected] 19:48 03 Aug 2004

Graham ®

not even underground telephone line is safe from thunderstorms

  Graham ® 19:52 03 Aug 2004

Insufficient data!

  VoG II 19:56 03 Aug 2004

I assume that an external cable modem is immune? And a surge protector should protect against surges, barring a "direct hit"?

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