Better router or WiFi Extender??

  Podracer 14:18 20 Mar 2011

I live in a longish thin house (30m long), with a total of four thick (800mm or more)on the ground floor.

At one end of the house is a (basic G) wireless router supplied by Tiscali, connected by cable to the main computer. We use netbooks throughout the house, a fixed PC with a wireless dongle and X-box live at the far end of the house away from the router.

If we are using one wireless connection at the far end of the house (ie, a netbook or say, X-box live) there is no problem. However, as soon as we try and use more wirelss computers/netbooks/X-box, the speed of conenction becomes so slow as to be almost unusable - the fixed hard wired computer remains fine.

The mains wiring is on three different ring mains, so we can't use one of the mains internet systems that plug into the mains.

Should I spend £60 or so - or maybe more, on a better quality router (maybe with N), or the same amount of money on a wireless extender (eg, Netgear, which seems to get good reviews).

I have considered moving the router, but my wife also uses her netbook in the main room where the router already is - but I don't want to jeopardise the speed of that wireless conenction.

How do I improve this, and get faster wireless BB when we are using more an one wireless device (apart from moving)?

I assume that the bandwidth coming into the house is OK (the hard-wired PC never gets slower).

Thoghts or experience would be welcome. Thank you in anticipation.

  GBL 14:23 20 Mar 2011

I use Homeplug adapters on two ring mains with no problem, I think that htey are OK as long as the ring main uses the same consumer unit, then the wireless signal will be redistributed.
Worth a try if you can borrow a couple to test.

  Podracer 20:48 21 Mar 2011

Thanks for the advice - I'll see if I can find a colleague with a pair of Homeplugs - but, are they wireless, ie, can I simply plug them in and they will "transmit" a wireless signal in their area? Or do I need to connect the netbook with a cable ? Thanks anyway.

  alansabout 21:11 21 Mar 2011

I think this may do the job click here Only used the cable connect homeplugs myself.

  john bunyan 21:32 21 Mar 2011

I live in a largish house with thick walls. My Desktop is in an upstairs room with an ethernet cable to the Belkin N+ Router. The router is plugged into a telephone extension cable 25m long that threads up a stench pipe, under floorboards to the upper room. I have filters on all outlets. I get good signals yo my wife's laptop everywhere now, much better than the previous Linksys. I think having the router upstairs is better.

  Podracer 21:36 21 Mar 2011

This does look a good thing, and might well be the answer - just got to check that the house wiring will be OK (three ring mains) or if the important rooms are one one ring main. Thanks for your help.

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