A Better Free Archive Program

  Pesala 10:51 27 May 2004

In my search for info on PowerArchiver I came across IZarc click here

I used it to compress Opera skins. The default skin is 262K but 357K when compressed with PowerArchiver, so I was looking for something better. IZarc compresses to 262K and has a remarkably similar interface to PowerAchiver - so similar that I cannot help but think that it was developed by the same team or from the same code.

If you currently use WinZip or PowerArchiver, you should have little trouble adjusting to IZarc. For uploading and downloading from the web, a difference in file size translates into faster transfers for you and your visitors.

  Pesala 18:51 27 May 2004

I decided that IZarc is better than PowerArchiver. You can use the same skin bitmap file for either program. Just download and install into the appropriate directory, then use the configuration option to load it. click here or right-click and save target as.

  Pesala 20:25 29 May 2004

The toolbar is only suitable for IZarc. Though it loads in PowerArchiver it has the wrong number of buttons and they are in the wrong place in my version. You would need to do some careful cut and paste to make it compatible.

  GaT7 21:02 29 May 2004

Pesala - I've been using IZarc for a few months now & find it very good (though I'm not concerned about it's compression qualities as some folks might be). Switched from Winzip when I discovered that Winzip isn't freeware. G

  Pesala 18:02 30 May 2004

Source: 1.1 Mbytes of assorted Word Documents, mostly text.


PowerArchiver 6.11 Freeware 391 Kbytes

IZarc Freeware 388 Kbytes

IZarc 7z format 283 Kbytes

  Pesala 19:00 30 May 2004

Source: 16,012 Kbytes TIFF image

PowerArchiver 6.11: About 7 seconds, 10,722 K - 33%

IZarc: About 9 seconds 10,728 K - 33%

IZarc 7z format: About 96 seconds, 7,818 K - 51 %

I gave up the test on the 109 Mbytes Hubble Deep Space image as it was taking too long to complete >> 9 mins. I guess it would get there soon enough on a modern PC. Nice to have the option for tight compression if emailing large TIFF images.

  GaT7 19:06 30 May 2004

Thanks for the info/tests Pesala. Should come in useful someday. Regards, G

  exit 20:24 30 May 2004

like winrar myself and no problems,


  BBez 20:41 30 May 2004

have to agree with "exit". Use WinRaR, superb...

don't compress files under 1MB while creatin an SFX archive or you'll get the same problems...

  Pesala 17:44 01 Jun 2004

click here

This produces tightly compressed files at reasonable speeds without any problems. The interface is fine, though different to PowerArchiver.

The Hubble Deep Space TIFF file (109) compressed to 76.3 Mbytes in about 9 mins 30 seconds.

I would recommend having something like this on your PC for those rare occasions when a CD or floppy disk is not quite big enough or when you have to send a large PDF to someone on dial-up. IZarc opens 7z files, PowerArchiver 6.11 doesn't recognize them.

For general purpose use IZarc is excellent.

  Pesala 23:08 01 Jun 2004

I just tried compressing my website. I post a link to a zip file on my home page so that visitors can download the entire site and extract it to their hard disk.

Using PowerArchiver the zip file was 3,912 Kbytes.

Using 7-zip a self-extracting archive was just 2,531 Kbytes. Compression took 28 seconds, decompression was almost instant.

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