Better than Ccleaner?Surely not?Opinions please?

  buel 20:42 16 Dec 2009

please can i have a few people's opinions?

My friend has recently told me that he has a pc (XP)that had all sorts of problems- really slow start ups, unresponsive mouse movements, crashes, freezes, the works- you get the picture!
So i recommended that he performed a disk check, used Ccleaner, MalwareBytes, SuperAntiSpyware, used Revo Uninstaller to uninstall the many programs he had on there and maybe even stop a few services that are running....apparently he did these and it wasn't much better! I was puzzled!!
Today he came up to me and said he used this registry cleaner:
click here

and he said his pc was like a bullet (or words to that affect) He also said that it 'beats the hell out of Ccleaner' to which i was, if the truth be told, a little hurt being as i have always been recommended Ccleaner and always have recommended it to other people(and it always has done he job for me!!)
Also, he mentioned how the program found about 400 faults,errors that it could/did's just that i have always been warned that these registry cleaners tend to boast that they have 'found' lots of errors so that you download it?
I know im being a sceptic and, after all, his pc is now working fine but has anyone any thoughts on this particular registry cleaner??

  rdave13 20:54 16 Dec 2009

Scroll down to read some reviews; click here
Think I'll stay clear.

  buel 21:55 16 Dec 2009

Thanks for that, i see what you mean
Anyone else?

  GaT7 22:05 16 Dec 2009

I'm with rdave13, but possibly for a different reason.

There's no perfect registry cleaner, & if there was, it certainly wouldn't be free ;-).

His incredible experience with it could be a one-off, or he's exaggerating - you know how people can be about these things.

I do all my cleaning manually, & I think I do a better job than CCleaner. Yes, I do admit to taking more time that CC. G

  buel 22:38 16 Dec 2009

Thank you Crossbow, wise words!!

  KremmenUK 06:50 17 Dec 2009

In the grand scheme of things CCleaner does a good job. It's not as heavy as some of them which is a good thing.

The only other one I would trust is probably PCTools Registry Mechanic but after running CCleaner Reg Mechanic (free trial version) finds virtually nothing to correct so why pay for it ?

  Input Overload 08:55 17 Dec 2009

I've been trying the Comodo cleaner click here. but I do have several images I can use if needed & a backed up registry, however no problems so far.

  Proclaimer 09:19 17 Dec 2009

So, your friend who has no idea about keeping his PC running trim asks your advice, takes it and doesn't like it, then finds a tool on his own and runs that and is then instantly more qualified to determine which tool(s) are better even though he has no clue about what has just been done to his PC.

Think I will pass on his advice.

  birdface 09:44 17 Dec 2009

Better than C Cleaner.

click here

The trial version lasts for ever but will only repair 10 items at a time.but you can run it as often as you like.

  buel 20:13 17 Dec 2009

Thank you all, some great advice!!

  DieSse 20:35 17 Dec 2009

If you want to know if this is better than CCleaner - well an opinion is basically useless. What you need is a test - and unless someone has run a test, you (and the rest of us) will never know.

Now CCleaner is pretty well tried and tested - and so has some good user experience. But that can never say something else isn't better.

Personally I don't use CCleaner - I've used Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner for some considerable time - and always had excellent results. Are they better than CCleaner - I have no idea, and have never seen any proper comparative tests either. I do like the fact they are separate, so I can run the Disk Cleaner frequently, without touching the registry.

So basically we'll probably never know which is best - just go with what your best instincts tell you, and whatever you do - BACKUP your registry (or let the program you choose back it up) before you touch it.

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