beta whats it mean

  Varig 20:52 08 Sep 2006

I keep seeing things with beta version. Can someone please explain what this means,

  Serenius 20:57 08 Sep 2006

Beta means that you use the software at your own risk as it's still in developmental stage. They havn't ironed out the bugs and kinks yet and are releasing it to the public to help fix these.

Never rely on a piece of Beta software for something important like your OS.

  Kev.Ifty 21:00 08 Sep 2006
  spuds 21:04 08 Sep 2006

If you are not computer 'savvy', then do not use beta products. The manufacturers will not be responsible for any problems, that beta products have caused to your system.

  Varig 18:15 09 Sep 2006

Thanks everyone, that explains it clearly, I thought it was something like that but why is it called beta
as opposed to trial or test or is that too simple.

  rsinbad 19:17 09 Sep 2006

B efore E very T hings A lright

I would suspect its from the greek alphabet alpha, beta

  DieSse 20:34 09 Sep 2006

*but why is it called beta*

Because releases before beta are called alpha. Alpha releases rarely make it out into the public realm.

After beta the following releases are usually final (ie released for sale). OR on large products often you get RC (Release Candidates) - which are hopefully ready for the public, but need more testing.

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