Best Wireless Router ?

  freaky 15:48 04 Feb 2006

I am using NTL B/B via their cable modem - I have the following PC's: -

PC (A) is connected to ntl via the modem.

PC (B) is connected to (A) via a Network Card and cross-over cable.

The above two PC's are in the same room.

PC (C) is used by my wife in another room - she has NTL dial-up.

I want the three PC's to share the NTL B/B connection via Wireless.

All the PC's use Win XP.
PC (A) uses Norton NIS.
PC (B) uses AVG and the Kerio Firewall.
PC (C) uses Norton NIS.

I am not too worried about cost, just want the best Wireless Router to suit the above situation. Rather like the sound of the Belkin FSD723OUK 54G - especially the fact that it will auto-detect internet settings, and get you running in 3 minutes !

Would be grateful for recommendations.

  ade.h 17:38 04 Feb 2006

You've managed to answer your own question. Though I have not experienced that particular model, it should be very good indeed. However, one model in the 72-- series, a modem/router in this case, had early issues. These have now been resolved, but I would be wary of buying any 72-- series from a retailer that may still have some older stock. A good choice would be Dabs, which has very quick stock turnaround, but if there is a large quantity of stock for your model, buy elsewhere to be on the safe side.

  keewaa 18:08 04 Feb 2006

Yes someone else said the 76-- series is better.

  freaky 18:20 04 Feb 2006

Thanks for that.

One other question, I presume that I would also need some type of card in each PC to receive the wireless signal ?

PC (B) in my post above, was supplied with an Asus Wireless Card and a small radio aerial and cable - so this PC should be OK.

Only possible problem would be that the Asus Card would not be compatible with any cards for the other two PC's of a different make ?

  ade.h 18:44 04 Feb 2006

Probably me, in another thread! I use a 7632. But of course, this isn't suitable for Freaky, as he's a cable customer.

On that note, I'm a little bit wary of the frequency with which we see posts about cable modems and sepearate routers. I don't know whether people are simply poor at setting them up correctly - RTFM faults - or whether there actually is a greater potential for issues.

  freaky 18:52 04 Feb 2006

I am glad we clarified the above re' Belkin 72 V 76 Series, was just looking at PC World and noticed the Belkin 76 series incoporates a Modem !

  ade.h 18:55 04 Feb 2006

That depends what you have already, really.

I never had to buy any extra parts, because I have a LAN cable running out to my office PC - best that way, as it's a wee bit far out from the router - and the laptops are of course wifi ready anyway.

If you can LAN one PC, that would be ideal; I assume that you have one PC next to a phone socket for use with your cable modem, so put the router there and LAN it up to that PC. The others can have PCI wifi cards. Just don't use USB adapters unless you want to go bald quicker!

Speaking of which; it's a bit of a pity that you have Norton on two PCs, as this can sometimes get in the way of a network. It is user configurable to a fair extent - or used to be; things may have changed - but Kerio and stuff like that are the most tunable. See how it goes anyway; if Norton doesn't get in the way at all, then all's well, but if you get trouble receiving any signal, you know where first to look!

  ade.h 18:57 04 Feb 2006

Just seen your latest post while I typed; don't go and get a modem/router whatever you do. As you are probably aware, it won't work at all!

  freaky 19:43 04 Feb 2006

Hi ade.h

If you notice in my original post, PC(A) is already connected via LAN cable to PC(B) - therefore the Router would only really be needed to enable a Wireless connection for PC(C) to the NTL Cable Modem via PC(A).

As regards putting the Router next to a phone socket - NTL Cable B/B does not use a phone socket - there is a separate cable from outside connecting directly to the modem via a junction box.

Good point about Norton IS, I have to disable the Firewall to be able to share the printer between PC(A) and (B) !

Incidentally, the Belkin supplied with a Firewall - do I presume therefore, that any of my PC's that are connected to B/B via the Router would not need a Firewall ?

  ade.h 20:51 04 Feb 2006

To answer your last question first...

No way!! I often have to tell people this. A NAT/SPI firewall deals solely with suspect inbound comms. If you rely on that, you lose the biggest asset of a software firewall: control of programs and outbound comms! I always use a firewall that controls program launches and outbound comms based on protocols that I have set up. Both kinds of firewall are great at what they do and an important part of security, but people get hung up on the whole "hacking" BS and forget their true priorities.


Excuse my lack of knowledge about cable services; I live in one of the few areas that does not have access to cable services, so I don't actually know anyone who uses them. At least, not well enough to be familiar with their setups.

Now, I'm not 100% certain about this, but AFAIK, the cable modem should be plugged into the router. The only alternative, as I see it, would be ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) and this is a pain in the backside!! I hate trying to get ICS to work consistently! With a proper router setup, you don't need it of course. If there is any way that you can place the router next to the modem - even if all three PCs end up being wireless - that's got to be better than ICS. And that's assuming that having the modem and router completely seperate is even an option; like I say, they might HAVE to be wired together for all I know.

  keewaa 21:06 04 Feb 2006

ade.h is correct : the cable modem should be plugged into the router.

YOu could use the Netgear WGR614 (or similar Belkin or other) , Plug it into the modem, Plug the cable from PCa into port1, the crossover cable from PCb into port 2 (as it has autosensing port for crossover), and a WG311 in your wife's PCc (WG511 for a laptop) or just cable PCc to port3 if you want.

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