best wireless range/reach?

  Xevious 11:12 28 Sep 2006

does anyone know where i can find a comparison of router technologies, indicating what range may be achieved?

while the WGT624 (netgear) works well, it doesn't have the reach that i need.

anyone heard much about the NETGEAR DG834N RangeMax NEXT ADSL2+ Wireless Router?
while it has the Draft 802.11n technology, is this the router that may well have the best range?

while i know nothing is guaranteed, all depends on circumstances...etc - all i need to know if this would offer the best solution compared to other routers?

FYI trying to connect main PC (inside a barn-conversion) and a laptop (inside a portacabin outside about 30m away! and there's an external wall in between that!)

any advice would be GREAT! thx

  Mike@#36 11:58 28 Sep 2006

I have just installed the DG834N but I have a strange feeling that any on the market will be good enough for the average user. I think location and surroundings have more of an efect than we might think.
The signal strength on mine drops to low just by going next door through single brick wall, but I also have it sitting on a bookshelf wedged between some books and a speaker which, along with the metal shelf brackets, I suspect will not help things. (It remains at Low all over the house unless I'm in the same room!)

  Xevious 12:55 28 Sep 2006

but alas, this would not be an average installation due to the obstacles...

does anyone know of a different option? it seems that the new technology is more concerned with speed as opposed to range...?

"it remains low all over the house" - what sort of distance are we talking about? (maybe you own a huge house...!)

thx again

  ade.h 13:55 28 Sep 2006

click here. Also search Wikipedia.

  Xevious 16:37 28 Sep 2006

ok, thx ade.h
so it seems MIMO is the most suitable / hopeful for achieving this.

anyone have good experiences (or bad) with a MIMO? looking at the DG834PN RangeMax MIMO...

thx AGAIN!

  ade.h 16:44 28 Sep 2006

Yep, I have set up a couple of MIMO networks where it was necessary to do so it is a good system. If I were buying now, I would ideally wait until the first ratified 802.11n kits appear, which won't be too long now. Unless you're keen to get networking right away.

  Xevious 16:55 28 Sep 2006

depends on how long "won't be too long" is...

it's estimated to be in the new year, is that correct?

  ade.h 17:06 28 Sep 2006

Yeah, about that. I haven't heard any different as yet.

  Xevious 17:07 28 Sep 2006

thanks for your help and advice. i'll see if i can wait till then, but as usual "i want it and i want it now!"

again, many thanks

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