Best Wireless media player on market???

  RobMcConnell 21:58 30 Jan 2008


I want to stream my video/itunes/photos from a media server that is connected by ethernet to my wireless network.

What is the best (fastest) wireless media player on the market at the moment, do not want issues with it not playing protected music stored on itunes or certain video formats.

What should I go for.


  [email protected] 22:00 30 Jan 2008

try vlc
click here

  RobMcConnell 20:20 31 Jan 2008

Hi Raven

Thanks for the link but I was actually looking for a pice of hardware like the buffalo wireless media player or dlink.


  Dipso 21:56 31 Jan 2008

Sorry if obvious, if you are going to connect it to your network by ethernet do you need a wireless one, would a wired one not do?

  RobMcConnell 22:10 31 Jan 2008

Hi Dipso

No my plan is to have an external hard drive (media centre) connected to my wireless modem/router by an ethernet cable.

What I want is a wireless media centre that acts as a reciever upstairs and connects to the tv and plays whatever is on the external hard drive downstairs.

This set up means I dont need to leave a laptop or PC powered on all the time to access music/movies.

The external hard drive (media centre) will be on all the tie as wil the wireless network.


  Dipso 22:21 31 Jan 2008

Ah, OK thanks for clarifying. I have just recently set up a wired media player and stream via my PC to the TV. I'm so impressed that I now don't know what I did without it!

Sorry I can't help but good luck in your quest :)

  RobMcConnell 23:01 31 Jan 2008

Hi Dipso

Well done sounds like your set up is working. The search goes on for me.


  Stuartli 00:25 01 Feb 2008

The best, as far as I'm aware, is the Squeezebox (now taken over by Logitech). See:

click here

Whether this is quite as good as the original is open to question, but my son has one and digitalised all his CDs so he could play them from his server in the living room.

Superb sound and details of each track being played/easy of finding tracks first class.

  Stuartli 00:25 01 Feb 2008

The offspring has the original....:-)

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