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  mickl66 20:35 20 Sep 2009

I have just networked my home using cat5e cables and plugs. I have 4 cat5e outlets in various rooms.
I'm undecided as to which router to use, preferably one that is as future proof as is possible given that technolgy moves pretty fast.

My broadband provider is TalkTalk at the moment using their SmartAX MT882 modem, but I may switch to cable in the future.

I do general web surfing and would like to be able to download TV content to a PVR at sometime in the future.

My questions are:-

Is there a router that is able to use ADSL or Cable.
Am I better with a wired or wireless router,(disabling the wireless for now).

Can anyone recommend a router that fits the above specs.

Many thanks for any help with this.
Mick Lawson

  Strawballs 20:50 20 Sep 2009

Most people will have their favourite make, most of the big names will do the job that you want but I think you will find that you will need to change the router if you switch to cable, I am on cable and have been using a Linksys cable router for over 4yrs without trouble.

  ambra4 05:12 23 Sep 2009

Any one of these routers would work on a ADSL or Cable Line

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Just to explain further. DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line.

It is a technique for using previously unused frequencies that existed on regular copper phone lines to send digital data.

On the consumer side, a DSL "modem" is required to convert the digital signals into Ethernet Data packets.

On the Telco side is equipment to connect to the Internet and process the flow of data packets.

The A in ADSL stands for asymmetric.

That simple means that data travels at different speeds in different directions.

So your modem sends data at one speed and the Telco Central Office sends it to you at a different speed.

  Strawballs 12:31 23 Sep 2009

I stand corrected

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