Best Website for Downloading Films and Software..?

  Acer-1 13:35 20 Jan 2006

Could anyone help me. I am trying to find a good website to download Films/Tv Programmes/Music and Software etc.

One of my work colleagues was telling me he has joined a site he did'nt tell me which and he can download entire music albums and good quality films and tv programmes and lots of anti-virus software etc for a small fee per month.

The only one i've seen so far is... click here

Its mainly films and tv programmes i want though so that i can burn them onto dvd. Am looking for entire Series of Stargate Sg1.

Also are these sites legal ? i mean its just like the free file sharing software you can get apart from you have to pay.

any info would be good thanks.

  rmcqua 14:29 20 Jan 2006

I use:
click here
though mostly for DVDs rather than downloads. I think it costs me 10.00 per month.

  PaulB2005 14:30 20 Jan 2006

Never seen anything that offer legal downloads of films yet. Anything that allows you to do so for a small fee is either a) non-exisitant or b0 illegal at the moment.

  rmcqua 14:36 20 Jan 2006

Oh yes, forgot to say, and it's legal.

  willymagic 14:46 20 Jan 2006

i use click here its all free just download the basic software which is free then search away till your hearts content!!

  Acer-1 16:29 20 Jan 2006

Cheers "WillyMagic" But surely if i was downloading songs and films from other people i would be breaking the law ?.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:30 20 Jan 2006

Yes, you are and ignorance will be no defence when the RIAA come a-knocking.


  ade.h 16:31 20 Jan 2006

I can answer half your question.

For music and software, I usally use Very good and very trustworthy too.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:32 20 Jan 2006

The link that rmcqua posted is perfectly legal. You pay a monthly fee to rent 1,2 or 3 dvds/month which are delivered by post.


  ade.h 16:32 20 Jan 2006

Fully legal, I should add. Just in case anyone who doesn't know my stance on copyright law was wondering.

  Mytob 18:23 20 Jan 2006

If you want good software look no further than sourceforge Now this is even better than free cause its all opensource which means you can audit the code yourself to make sure there is no trikery going on. Even better you can distrobute it for a fee totaly legaly under the gnu genral public licence. It has software mainly for linux but alsoa fair few ports to mac and windoz. If you find a paid for version of a program there is most likly a opensource one. Just check out openoffice M$ offices rival. Why pay 250 when u gan get open office for squat!!!!!! As for file sharing its only illigal if you are downloading material which is not licenced for sharing. Alll gnu stuff is all linux distros are save linspire and alot of freeware stuff is. I would use peerguardia while filesharing to block your shares for record companys goverment ect. It is not 100% secure by a long shot but does a very good job in ading your protection. If your are going to be dl illigal stuff use a opensource client and network such as emule or shareza. Im convinced som of then are sticking in tracking sofware now with some of these and the safest way to go is opesource.

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