rotormota 10:36 14 May 2005


I hope to launch my own web site soon & was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a host/server.

I have looked at Easyspace which seems cheap enough.


  Bagsey 14:13 14 May 2005

Try Bravenet its free and I find it very good with lots of freebees as well. Counters, Guestbook etc etc.

  rotormota 19:05 14 May 2005

Thanks for that.

Any other suggestions folks/


  kp 21:16 14 May 2005

I have 2 sites with 1&1 and one with Webfusion (now Pipex). Both hosts provide very good service. 1&1 are very good value and simple to configure. Webfusion are more expensive and not so easy to configure but offer excellent support with a very rapid and helpful e-mail response if you have problems. Depends really on your needs.

I would recommend either but if I had to choose... I would go for 1&1. They have a very good range of packages to suit every need.

Hope this helps.


  peabody 21:59 14 May 2005

Basic PAckage £23 per annum - no contest. CGI, PHP, MySQL facilities, great control panel, lots of freebies including GuestBook and Bulletin Board. Good support via ticket system. Web mail, Fantastico etc etc. click here.

  rotormota 22:16 14 May 2005

Thanks for the responses. It looks promising but I must admit I am a little confused being a web site set up novice. I have my own webbuilder software with which I intend to create something. Do I then upload my creation to the host I have chosen? Will the design simply be accepted & go online? I am probably going to start with a basic host package so will this be adequate?

It seems that one buys a domain name & then pays a monthly/yearly subscription. Is it really that simple?

Thanks again,

  TedoDude 22:39 14 May 2005

Powweb (click here) are excellent for me. They always seem to have a deal on, and have an excellent amount of space and bandwidth for the price.

Since when I purchased my hosting they have doubled the 5 gb/day bandwidth to 10 gb/day, and have cinqtupleted the space from 1gb to 5gb.

There are many sitebuilders and frontpage extensions are supported. Never had any trouble. If you do decide to get a package, please use the referal link in the credits section of my webpage, click here, as i get $15 credit to my account if you register.

  DieSse 00:13 15 May 2005

"Do I then upload my creation to the host I have chosen?" - YES - you will need an FTP program to do this - there's many decent free ones

"Will the design simply be accepted & go online?" - YES, normally that's all that's needed - there's usually a guide from the host to give you an exact procedure.

"I am probably going to start with a basic host package so will this be adequate?" - YES - unless you expect tons and tons of traffic, or are using some of the more sophisticated web construction facilities, a basic package should be fine.

I've used these people and it worked fine, and their most basic facility is FREE - click here

  DieSse 00:21 15 May 2005

PS - take with a pinch of salt people who promise ludicrously high bandwidth and web space - they can't possibly support that for all their hostings simultaneously, so it's a meaningless promise.

You won't normally need much space - I've constructed a small commercial villa rental site with lots of pictures and it takes a mere 4Mb or so.

  Forum Editor 01:16 15 May 2005

posted in our web design forum, but never mind. I currently use two hosts for my sites

click here


click here

Both are excellent in their own way, although I wouldn't recommend the first company for a beginner - they're more suited for hosting commercial sites.

Most decent web-design programs will upload your site for you - it shouldn't be necessary to use a third-party FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application.

Heed DieSse's good advice about sweeping promises of unlimited bandwidth - there's no such thing, unless you pay a substantial annual charge, and even then the bandwidth will not be truly unlimited. Likewise offers of huge amounts of server space - you won't need it, and neither do most non-commercial designers, it's a gimmick to attract business.

Make sure that any domain name that's registered is registered to you, and not to your host. It's OK for the host to be named as the administrative contact, which means that renewal reminders will go to them, provided you feel confident enough that they'll remind you to pay the renewal fee in good time. If this isn't paid you'll lose your right to use the name, and you'll have to re-register it - provided someone else hasn't grabbed it in the meantime.

  rotormota 07:30 15 May 2005

Thanks for some good advice folks. I will be comparing all the servers in the next week or so.

With regards to software I will be using Serif Webbuilder Plus 9 which I think is pretty slick for my needs & should just upload my design easily from what I can see.

Any more server/host recomendations welcome.

PS- I did post something similar in the Web Forum but got no replies.


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