Best Ways To Protect My New Computer

  Viv-208691 22:49 01 Jan 2005

Hi there, I recently purchased a brand new Sony Vaio laptop and as you can imagine I want to keep it in spanking good condition regarding how well it runs. Can some kind person recommend a list of programs that I can get for free which will help to do this? I dont really know the lingo but basically I think I need an antivirus, firewall, spyware detector, virus detector programs. Im a little concerned about compatability issues and so am seeking help as to what is the best combination of free programs.

Please make suggestions (also if you think I have left out a program type then please mention that too).

Thanks ever so kindly, F.T.

  woodchip 22:54 01 Jan 2005

No Free but sometimes old versions free that's What I am using and have done for some time. The first most important and is the above Get Acronis True Image and Create a Image of you C:\ Drive and any other drives you have these can be put on CDr or DVD depending on what burner you have

  Viv-208691 22:55 01 Jan 2005

I have Norton Ghost, is that equally good? What about preventing harm being done to my computer in the first place?


  1514 23:07 01 Jan 2005

click here
Try here, I have never seen so many of the very latest freebies!!!

  spuds 23:09 01 Jan 2005

Install these on your new laptop, and it will run great. All are free and well recommended. Firewall ZoneAlarm Anti-Virus AVG click here AdAware click here SpyBot S&D click here Spyware Blaster click here Malaware a2 click here Spam MailWasher click here Rubbish Remover CCleaner click here

Good Luck, and if you use them, remember to check and regular update for full protection

  woodchip 23:11 01 Jan 2005

Yes use Ghost but you create a good backup to CDR before you get anything that causes harm

  Viv-208691 23:11 01 Jan 2005

Thanks 1514, is there anything in particular that you recommend from that website? I just dont really know what programs work well together.


  spuds 23:12 01 Jan 2005

Whoops. forgot the dot in ZoneAlarm click here

  Viv-208691 23:13 01 Jan 2005

Thanks so much Spuds, that was exactly what I was hoping for!! Should I expect all of these programs to work well in conjunction with each other? Also, someone recommended Panda ActiveScan Online to me, is this recommended?

Thankyou so much.

  1514 23:20 01 Jan 2005

Quite honestly Frodo Twin, I only found it about an hour ago and it has the latest update of "Ccleaner" I think 1.16 084 ? I have only browsed through it but it took me ages to do that. Enjoy yourself there!

  Viv-208691 23:37 01 Jan 2005

And Panda ActiveScan??? No problems regarding compatability???

Thanks again?

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