Best way to 'upgrade' to XP?

  reddwarfcrew 16:34 08 May 2003

I've just ordered a new evesham PC and am selling my old evesham to someone from work. Part of the deal is that I will install all the software, hardware etc for him (as he's not that computer lit).

He's decided he wants XP on the PC (it currently has win98se).

Therefore I'm not in the slightest bit interested in keeping any old files, settings etc. So what is the best way to upgrade it to XP.

I understand I can do a full install and just pop in the win98se cd for verification.

Do I simply boot from the winxp cd and choose an option for full reformat etc, or do I boot into win98 and then put the XP disc in.

BTW I haven't got the product yet, so apologies if the answers are in a manual!?!?!


  Legolas 16:41 08 May 2003

You can run it from within 98 and it will ask you if you want to do an upgrade or a new installation choose the latter and follow the instructions.

  reddwarfcrew 16:46 08 May 2003

Will this do a reformat from Fat32 to NTFS and delete all aspects of win98 (ie will it be as though win98 has never been on there).

I'm keen to ensure that there is no legacy of win98 that may cause problems as I've heard stories about it.

  Legolas 16:50 08 May 2003

Choosing a new installation will result in the HDD being formatted and XP being installed on a clean drive.

  Djohn 16:54 08 May 2003

Just to confirm that Legolas is correct. I have done this twice in the last couple of weeks, (For friends). J.

  BeeWee 17:00 08 May 2003

me too and i'm thrilled...not one glitch at all and no sign of win 98 se however i have noticed that the file system has remained as fat 32...maybe i missed something on installation therefore it didn't change to ntfs. i don't know what the advantages are of ntfs anyway!!

  Legolas 17:11 08 May 2003

You should get an option at the format stage to format as Fat32 or NTFS

  reddwarfcrew 17:14 08 May 2003

Thanks to you all, sounds very painless indeed.

Thanks again.

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