Best way for Translating Manual

  aitch2 13:05 03 Jul 2012

I have a User Manual in French for a washing machine that I want to translate into english. I have translation programme (L&H) on the win7 pc, but if I scan a page to translate, I cannot seem to copy it to MS Word for translation. Is there another way or alternative method to achieve this. ps. I have tried to obtain an english manual from the makers but this is not possible. Thanks Aitch

  lotvic 13:11 03 Jul 2012

Maybe the User manual is available for download as a .pdf or other? then you wouldn't need to scan pages in.

  LastChip 13:11 03 Jul 2012

How does your translation application save the file?

Do you have an option to save it as a text file?

Or maybe as a pdf?

  robin_x 13:38 03 Jul 2012

White Goods manuals can be tricky to find (for free download) if you are not in the trade. (I am not either).

What Make/Model/Description is it?

Do you just want it for your own use? Forgotten how to use it or broken?

  aitch2 13:39 03 Jul 2012

I use the HP scanner to scan the document and I can save it as a pdf file. I try to copy it to the L&H in the new project plane, but it won't allow me to paste it in. Tried the same method in MSWord and the same result. On a previous HP scanner I was able to scan straight to MSWord and could achieve the translation that way, but the new scanner doesn't have that facility so I'm at aloss as to how to achieve it.

  aitch2 13:43 03 Jul 2012

Robinofloxely: Have been able to find the manual on line, but in French as is the one I have. The washing machine is brand new. I speak french but the missus does not, and I am not always around when she wants to use it Have spoken to Indesit but they refer me to the French Office so I'm back where I started.

  spuds 18:18 03 Jul 2012

Perhaps a long shot, but if the model is still in production, then perhaps your local Currys or Dixons might prove if there is an English version manual available?.

  lotvic 18:31 03 Jul 2012

Try pasting into Notepad (which will remove formatting) then recopying it from there to paste into Word. Or try the 'Paste Special' in Word which does the same thing.

  birdface 19:06 03 Jul 2012

Try here all in English if you can find your model number.

  Terry Brown 20:12 03 Jul 2012

It is unusual for a any appliance these days to have just a manual in just one language, did you buy in the UK, or is an inmport (or you bought it in France?).

Washing machines are normally quite simple to understand and you don't normally need a manual after setting it up.

If it only the wash letters that you are concerned with, use a CD marker and mark the English letters in the appropiate place on the display (or is an electron display?)


  aitch2 12:46 04 Jul 2012

The washing machine was bought in France for use in France, so thanks Buteman, for the lead but already tried that. Manual is found but same as mine; french. Tried the paste/ special but will not work. Also scannned the page and saved as a pdf, so Acrobat can scan and prepare it but that doesn't work either.Tried the clipboard and notepad but no joy with those also.Thanks for the other suggestions. Aitch

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