Best way to temporarily disconnect broadband?

  Carafaraday 16:22 04 Oct 2006

I have just connected to broadband via Voyager 210 ADSL router and USB2. The router has an on/off switch and I wondered whether that is the best way to disconnect from the internet when I am not using it - I'm a bit paranoid about the 'always on' aspect. Any comments welcome.

  fitshase 16:26 04 Oct 2006

Switch it off by all means. The "always on" bit means that there is no dial up - it is "on demand" internet connection.

  keef66 16:39 04 Oct 2006

the always on bit shouldn't worry you if you have a decent firewall properly configured. We use Zone alarm, because its free and gets good reviews.
When we switch on the pc, out of habit we switch on the modem & router, so if we need to go online we don't have to wait for them to power up. A few milliseconds seems like a lifetime to an impatient teenager!

  Carafaraday 17:06 04 Oct 2006

Thanks for the replies - I have Zone Alarm and AVG (the freebies) and both are kept up to date. The modem/router thingie seems to get quite warm when it is permanently in use - is this normal?

  anskyber 17:06 04 Oct 2006

Its fine. Switch it on and off with the PC, there is no need to turn it off when you are off line.

Using something like ZoneAlarm gives a facility to swtch the BB access off and on. click here

  anskyber 17:08 04 Oct 2006

Yes they do get very warm, some might think even hot.

  bruno 17:12 04 Oct 2006

Make sure you have good air circulation around the router/modem,also your base unit of the PC.Electronic bits last longer when they do not cook.

  Carafaraday 17:15 04 Oct 2006

Thanks everyone - I'll use Zonealarm to stop/start and try and keep the router.modem well-aired.

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