Best way to synch laptop and desktop

  Pineman100 15:28 06 Oct 2012

My Windows 7 laptop is now four years old. I'm ready to buy a new computer and - being a photography and design enthusiast - I think I may get a desktop machine with the power to cope more easily with all of my photograph files, image editing software packages, DTP packages and so on.

I would like to keep the laptop operational for use away from the desk. But I would have to set up some kind of synch system that allows me to transfer selected data files between the two computers.

Should I simply network the machines and use the Copy function to move files from the desktop to the laptop, or is there a more sophisticated function that I can set up?

All thoughts and ideas will be very welcome - thanks!

  compumac 16:13 06 Oct 2012

I have several PC 's with their own individual data on. I use AllwaySync so that selected data on those PC's is synchronised with both their own external drives and the other PC's. All data is synchronised in two other places. This is an automated action obviating the necessity of remembering to copy and paste elsewhere.

  woodchip 18:08 06 Oct 2012

You Can Network them, but a easier way would be to use a USB link Cable.

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  Pineman100 19:03 06 Oct 2012

Thanks very much for your responses.

compumac - I'm fairly hazy about the way that synching works. Do you have to have an identical folder structure on both drives so that, if you save a file on one of them it is instantly saved to the other one too?

And how selective can you be with the synching? Can you specify, for example, that all files saved to Folder A are synched to the other drive(s), but not files saved to Folder B? Or do you simply click a "synch" button for every file that you save (assuming you want it synched!).

Apologies for my ignorance!

woodchip - thanks for that idea, which sounds like good sense.

  compumac 20:17 06 Oct 2012


Main computer'A' has several data folders i.e. Word Data, Excel Data, Access Data, etc.

An external drive 'B' for syncing to for ALL of those folders. On 'B' you create a directory "Synced Folders". Start up Allway Sync and select the folders or files from the source for syncing and set 'B' as the receiving area for those folder or files. When you are setting up the process you are able to establish the frequency of the synchronisation.

Mine folders are set up to sync within 10 minutes of any change of the selected folders or files. I have also set it to store previous versions of the files so that I am able to recover file created some time ago that has been overwritten on the the main data folder.

You can try Allway Sync FOC but are limited to its use unless you purchase the full version. I tried the free version for a week or so and then went ahead and bought the paid for version. Well worth the cost.

  woodchip 20:34 06 Oct 2012

You should be able to get software may be free to do synching check google but take care using the word free as it can bring with it Nasties like Trojans etc

PS Avast stopped me only yesterday from infection

  Woolwell 20:45 06 Oct 2012

Concur with compumac. I use Allway Sync (free version).

  compumac 20:49 06 Oct 2012

I initially used Allway Sync following recommendations on this forum a long time ago used the free version subsequently purchasing the Pro version curently at $19.95 on the Allway Sync site.

  Pineman100 06:51 07 Oct 2012

OK, many thanks everyone for all that advice. Allway Sync looks like the way to go.

Thanks again.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:22 07 Oct 2012

May I offer an alternative which is GoodSync, I have used this for several years and it really works well.

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