Best way to scan a HDD ?

  Indigo 1 20:08 03 Mar 2004

I Have just removed a friends hard drive which was completely full and am trying to extract all his information for him.

His very old PC just died so he has ordered a new one. I have loaded the HDD into my PC as a slave and scanned for virus' Spyware, Adware etc and am now trying to extract information such as his ISP details so that he can put them into his new PC and so connect to the Web.

He has no idea what the family were using to access the Web (IE6, Netscape, AOL or any other).

They do not know their ISP and I have found references to many.

How can I determine these details for them ?

Old PC ran on W98, I am running XP Pro.

  Indigo 1 21:17 03 Mar 2004

^Refresh ^

  Indigo 1 22:38 03 Mar 2004

I can't believe it not a single response !

Am I asking the wrong people ?

  jimv7 22:52 03 Mar 2004

Simple answer is that you can't.

Your friend must have an idea of which isp he was using, some of them give you the option of 'retrieving my account' do the best you can and if no success sign him up to a new isp.

  byfordr 22:57 03 Mar 2004

Get him/her to check bank statements, someone must have been paid!

  woodchip 23:01 03 Mar 2004

In the Windows\Application Data Both Internet Explorer and Netscape store E-Mails. Internet Explorer are in the "Windows\Application Data\Identities folder"......."Netscape is in "Windows\Application Data\Mozzila Folder"

  GaT7 23:03 03 Mar 2004

Can you 'see' any .dbx files on the disk (assuming he was using Outlook Express)?

He might've received registration confirmation e-mails from the various ISPs. Looking into these messages might reveal something or jog someone's memory.

Also, if you've 'found references to many', note down their (the ISPs) names & give each a call - they may be able to help. Plus the info gleaned from the OE e-mails will help when speaking to the ISPs.

  Indigo 1 23:17 03 Mar 2004

Cheers woodchip & Crossbow70 thats really helpful.

I have found the DBX files but cannot open them to see what's inside.

  woodchip 23:28 03 Mar 2004

You can if you have "Quick View Plus"

  woodchip 23:31 03 Mar 2004
  Indigo 1 23:38 03 Mar 2004

Thank you very much :-)

That's really helpful.



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