best way to remove thermal pads?

  Vitruvian Man 22:56 26 Apr 2005

hi, im about to change motherboards and keep my old cpu. it is socket A and I used a thermal pad. I just want to know the best way to remove the now molded thermal pad and is it easy. Also could you supply a link for some reliable thermal compound for me to use and some information on how to apply it. Thanks.

  Trackrat 23:14 26 Apr 2005

from the arctic silver website :-

2. ONLY Arctic Silver thermal compound should be between the processor core and the heatsink. Remove any thermal pads or other interface material from the heatsink before applying the Arctic Silver. Thermal pads can be scraped off with a plastic tool that will not scratch the bottom then the remnants can be removed with a xylene based cleaner, (Goof Off and some carburetor cleaners) acetone, mineral spirits, or high-purity isopropyl alcohol.
Never use any oil or petroleum based cleaners (WD-40, citrus based cleaners and many automotive degreasers) on the base of a heatsink. The oil, which is engineered to not evaporate, will fill in the microscopic valleys in the metal and significantly reduce the effectiveness of any subsequently applied thermal compound.

If your heatsink has a thermal 'pad' mounted on it, this pad must be removed before using Arctic Silver thermal compound. Thermal pads are made with paraffin wax that melts once it gets hot. When it melts, it will fill in the microscopic valleys in the heatsink with wax. To minimize the permanent contamination of the mounting surface with wax, the thermal pad should be removed before it is used and melted. Never use heat or hot water to remove the pad, the heat will melt the wax into the heatsink.

they're so anal, i use nail polish remover which is citrus based, find it works just fine.

  TomJerry 23:36 26 Apr 2005

click here

another one to try is overclock (not overclockers) click here

  dan11 23:48 26 Apr 2005

Download the video heatsink removal and re-use.
click here

  Vitruvian Man 00:06 27 Apr 2005

thanks. so shall i use the old nail polish remover or shall i get something xylene based? and does anyone know where in the uk they sell xylene based cleaners? What do you suggest to use when using the cleaner? a cloth or cotton bud or what? do i know it's clean enough. hope it's not too many questions,just don't want to fry my cpu. heh.

  rubella 00:56 27 Apr 2005

Vitruvian Man

Nail polish remover works because it contains acetone. If you want to go straight for the brain get acetone [Boots]. If you go with nail polish remover, try a cheap brand. Better quality ones have hand friendly lanolin in, which you really don’t want [probably still work though].

Let the solvent do the work. Cotton buds/wool will do just fine.

  TomJerry 10:04 27 Apr 2005

from the links I posted above

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