Best way to provide wifi in a house divided by 4ft thick internal walls!

  cyberphobic 14:54 09 Feb 2014

My brother is renovating a property adjoining mine, his property is divided by an internal stone wall 4 ft thick (an inglenook fireplace adjoining what was formerly an external wall.

My property and his are separated by a stone wall which is 3 ft thick. On my side of the wall my wifi is 100% signal, but on his side of the same wall there is no signal at all, so it is reasonable to assume that his wifi will not pass through the 4 ft wall which divides his property!

I have googled this issue extensively and understand that two routers from one phone line is not an option, I would therefore welcome any helpful suggestions as to how this problem could be overcome.

  onthelimit1 16:20 09 Feb 2014

If the properties are on separate ring mains, then the usual suggestion of Homeplugs will not work. I would say the best option would be to run an ethernet cable between the two properties. One end would be plugged into your router, and a Wireless Access Point plugged in at the other end in your brother's house. That will flood his side of the wall with WiFi broadband.

An example here.

  rdave13 20:59 09 Feb 2014

Not sure if that would contravene your T&C of your ISP. Having someone 'piggy backing' for free on your broadband account, albeit your brother living next door, would be ok.

  alanrwood 21:14 09 Feb 2014

My wife piggy backs onto my connection but I guess there is probably a legal definition of what the ISP considers a location.

  cyberphobic 21:50 09 Feb 2014

Many Thanks to onthelimit1 whose post set me off on a course which resulted in me finding this option -

click here has fantastic reviews and appears to be pretty much "plug and play" unlike many of the other options which seem to require a minimum of an MSC in Computer Science before you can even think about setting them up! The "sender" is plugged in next to the router and linked to it with a network cable. the "receiver' is plugged into the mains anywhere on the same mains circuit and then "paired" with the sender. It can then be set to clone the wifi set up thereby extending the wifi signal wherever it is required - perfect!


  onthelimit1 11:42 10 Feb 2014

I did say that homeplugs (which is what you refer to) are the easiest option, but I assume your houses are on separate ring mains, therefore would not work.

  cyberphobic 11:57 10 Feb 2014

Hi - thanks for your response .

My understanding is that if my brother sets his router up as normal in one half of the house, but the wifi signal is then found to be inadequate in the other half, he will be able to use the home plugs to extend the wifi coverage to the whole house and the ability to clone the wifi will, to all intents and purposes, make it appear as one seamless network.

  onthelimit1 16:02 10 Feb 2014

I did say that homeplugs (which is what you refer to) are the easiest option, but I assume your houses are on separate ring mains, therefore would not work.

  lotvic 18:26 10 Feb 2014

onthelimit1, slight misunderstanding I think. The way I read it is each brother will have their own separate ISP - they won't be sharing an internet connection.

  onthelimit1 17:56 11 Feb 2014


Ah, yes. I see where you're coming from.. In that case, Homeplugs would be my preferred way to go.

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