best way to protect my pc from virusis

  scholesboy 21:18 29 Aug 2007

can someone please advise me on how to protect my system from viruses, i currently have windows xp home, and mcafee security centre,

  wee eddie 21:33 29 Aug 2007

How much longer have you got with the McAfee?

  STREETWORK 21:58 29 Aug 2007

Leave it switched off!!!??

Its a case of the 'devil take it'.

Its really a case of careful where you surf, carefull what you click on, careful with emails.

Mcafee will protect 'mostly' if you update is and pay your subsciptions...

  scholesboy 11:58 30 Aug 2007

i have got about 8 months to run on mc,caffe, i like surfing limwire i have heard that if you install a router it will minimise your chances of getting a virus,

  wee eddie 12:10 30 Aug 2007

limwire has a reputation for being a hotbed of infection. For the purpose of this Forum, we will assume that anything that you download is free of Copyright.

Any files you download "Must" be checked by McAfee before they are opened. you should be updating and running McAfee, at the very least, once a week. I update & run AVG every day.

You should consider running some anti Malware software. I run Spybot S&D, Adaware and SuperantiSpyware, all free.

If you use the search bar in this Forum you will find an number of other free programs. Top of that list is a Firewall, which may be included in McAfee, I use Zone Alarm but Comodo is very highly spoken of.

How are you connecting to the Internet?

  davidprc 12:31 30 Aug 2007

Get a router which will have a firewall, from this you can layer your protection. I am not a great beliver in an additional software firewall behind a router and just use the Windows FW, your choice.

If you have Mcafee ISS then this is a godd suite and you can buy additional copies cheaply every year from certain outlets.

I would also use SpywareBlaster and run a regular scan using Superantispyware or A Squred etc.

Keep everthing updated. You could also look at Sandboxie but it depends how paronoid you are.

  tullie 13:16 31 Aug 2007

Do not use the Windows Firewall unless its the much improved Vista one

  scholesboy 14:13 31 Aug 2007

i connect to the net using a virgin broadband, you say limewire is a hotbed of infection, what other filesharing sites are available, what are not so dangerous ????

  wee eddie 16:01 31 Aug 2007

Cable or ADSL?

  tullie 16:45 31 Aug 2007

I think all file sharing sites are dangeous,and if copywrite material,illegal

  scholesboy 11:20 01 Sep 2007

i use a cable connection,

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