best way to promote my site

  ĀÕL иàťﻍŗ 19:16 12 Jan 2003
  ĀÕL иàťﻍŗ 19:16 12 Jan 2003

can anyone tell me of the best way to promote my website? i have looked in google and all the results are link exchanges or banner exchanges or click through etc... i have submitted it to ask jeeves which will take a few more days to come through and a few more paid submit engines and also a few free ones but i would like any tips on the best way to promote it.

  Forum Editor 19:41 12 Jan 2003

1. Don't fall for those "give us $20 dollars and we'll register your site with 3000 search engines" marketing ploys. Within a short space of time you'll be inundated with spam of the worst kind, and like one of my clients who recently succumbed you might also find that a url almost identical to yours links to a porn site. You'll then get an email, suggesting that you might like to buy the offending domain so that people who inadvertantly misstype your site address dont' see the porn site.

2. Make absolutely sure that your site works properly before you start. That might sound silly, but you would be amazed how many sites have faulty hyperlinks, missing images, wrongly titled pages, and mailto forms that don't work. Go through the site with a fine toothed comb, and preferably get someone else to do the same thing.

3. Now make sure you have correctly configured your site's metatags - those words that appear (invisibly to browsers) on your pages, but which can be seen by search engine spiders /web-bots.

4. Work on setting up reciprocal links with complimentary sites. Use the correct protocol here, don't slap a link to another site on your page and then contact them saying "I've linked to you, how about linking to me?" Site owners are discriminating, and some may not want you to link to them at all. The best method is to write to the webmaster, giving your url, and say "Please take a look at my site, I would like to link with you, and I hope you will agree to link back to me". If they agree to the link, send them a gif of your logo, or a small graphic that would look good. Ask them if they would like your to use their logo on your site - don't just pinch it and use it. You'll be surprised at how well this approach works - it won't always succeed, but one really good link on a busy site can bring you hundreds if not thousands of hits a day, so persevere.

5. Submit your site to the big search engines. Find out if there are smaller, more local engines that may be less busy than Google, and submit to them as well. Don't expect an instant result - some engines take weeks to process submissions.

6. Finally, although it should be firstly really, make sure your site is worth submitting in the first place. A site that shows "Me with the biggest Carp I ever caught" etc. is hardly likely to appeal to the big wide world. The other area that has been swamped recently is online forums. Because forum software is so readily available and easy to use, almost everyone with a computer fancies his/her chances of running that killer forum. Most of them are dire, some of them are very good, but it's a saturated market, so think long and hard before joining in.

  ĀÕL иàťﻍŗ 20:03 12 Jan 2003

thank you so much for your help i made the site with the help from the people in this forum and now thanks to you again i can hopefully get alot of hits to it.


  harristweed 09:51 13 Jan 2003

Another tip - it's no good getting on google or the other search engines unless you are in the top 30. The forum editor is correct in everything he says. In addition think carefully about the 'key words' (don't over do it - ten maximum)that will be used to find and index your site. The key words should be in the meta tag in the head of your page. They should also be in the text on the page (near the top), in the alt tag on images, page title, file name, folder name.

Consider building 'gateway' pages. A page that is designed to be found using one specific key word or phrase and link this to your main pages.

Don't be tempted to try and fool the search engines, repeating key words many times with the same colour as the page. (invisible)etc. this type of activity will get your pages banned.

Good luck

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:05 13 Jan 2003

'A site that shows "Me with the biggest Carp I ever caught" etc. is hardly likely to appeal to the big wide world'....../me throws 3 months hard work away. :-((


  PurplePenny 11:55 13 Jan 2003

If your site fits one of their categories then DMOZ: The Open Directory Project

click here

is *definitely* the place to get listed. It provides the core directory for many of the major search engines (Google, Lycos, Netscape etc) and is edited by humans. It made a huge difference to the number of hits that we were getting.


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