Best way to Partition HD + Set -up Backup HD?

  Clary31 20:46 18 Aug 2009

I have brought 2 500GB HDs that are going into my new computer build. I want to partition the main drive but not sure the best way to do it. Somebody already said 20-40GB for the OS partition, not sure about the rest though. Also not sure how to set up the backup drive, whether that needs to be partition also, make it so every thing automatically saves to it?

Help please.

  ashleycardwell94 00:25 19 Aug 2009

When setting up your operating system EG vista it gives you the option to partition your hard drive. then using your operating system, copy the windows disk to the partitioned hard drive, includeing any drivers you may need for maybe the sound, graphics, or any important applications.

  Clary31 00:46 19 Aug 2009

Maybe I should of said I'm using XP Home Edition, does this give you the saem option?

  ashleycardwell94 00:54 09 Sep 2009

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