Best way to operate laptop battery

  VNAM75 20:06 11 Aug 2010

When you're using your laptop is it beter practice to have it powered by the mains permanently, or let the battery go down to say 20%, and then switch on the mains. I've always done the latter. Which is better for battery life?

  VNAM75 20:09 11 Aug 2010

If switching on at the mains does it make any difference whether the laptop is running or not?

  mooly 07:50 12 Aug 2010

Use on mains where possible. Batteries have a limited number of charge/discharge cycles. In other words they wear out... and they also deteriorate with age which you can do nothing about.

The battery will naturally discharge a little each day... when it reaches around 96% "full" the laptop will chearge it back to 100% automatically.

Use laptop on battery occasionally, say once every two to three weeks discharging to around 20% or less. Although they wear out, it's still beneficial to use them occasionally.

It makes no difference if the lap top is in use or not, the battery will still charge if needed.

When fully charged, the charge is then cut off whether the laptop remains plugged in or not... laptop batteries are not "trickle charged" as the chemistry doesn't support that mode of operation.

  rawprawn 08:31 12 Aug 2010

I run mine on mains all the time, but use it on batteries once a month until they are completely discharged.
The laptop is now 2 1/2 years old with no battery problems.

  Procrastinus 08:58 12 Aug 2010

Perhaps Rick Maybury's excellent BootLog website may have some ideas for you.

click here

  rawprawn 09:19 12 Aug 2010

Having read the link from 608,and mooly's post. It would seem I am wrong to dischrge my battery completely. I will change my ways.

  VNAM75 12:20 12 Aug 2010

Thanks, very helpful.

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