Best way for managing network traffic?

  colej_uk 18:58 27 Nov 2009


I'm a student living in a 7 person house, all sharing a 20mbit (or so they say) Virgin Media cable connection.

Quite a few of us are gamers, so it can be extremely annoying when someone starts streaming or downloading and it messes up everyone else's connection.

My question is whats the best way to monitor and regulate/throttle the connection to each PC?

We currently have a netgear WNR2000, and I have set up the QoS but it jsut doesn't seem to make a difference at all. Also, I thought I read somewhere that QoS only works for upload rates which is pretty useless as it's the download thats killing the gaming ping.

So there must be a way to at least see who is hogging all the bandwidth. I thought there might be a router out there which has some kind of monitoring graph feature for each connected device when you log into the firmware- but to my surprise I can't find one. Tbh, I'm a bit miffed that there isn't much in the way of traffic management isn't built into all routers these days, it would surely be an extremely useful feature to many people like myself.

So what are my options? Does anyone know of a good router that can regulate traffic, or at least display which device is hogging the connection?

  wazza597 15:28 30 Nov 2009


I'm not sure what the spec of your router is but a lot of home routers can only handle a few devices connected at one time, so 7 would normally be alot for the router, more so if you are gamers.

If you are all using wireless please let me make you aware (if you are not already) that wireless gets slower as more people join the router. The router can only send or receive at one time(some can do both) so the more people connect the longer you have to wait until the router will send data to you again. Wireless is not like cable where you can send and receive at the same time and all devices can talk at the same time.

Try putting in a cable direct next time it is slow and see if it is any better?

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