best way to make a windows cd

  sunny staines 12:53 28 Oct 2006

the wife's laptop again. the backup cd is an image of windows media edition plus dozens of unwanted trial programs and mostly unnessary software. to make a windows cd for repairs etc is it just a case of looking for and copying the i386 file from the root directory to a cd or is there more to it.

can any one point me to a web or give simple steps on she could do this please so that she has a decent windows cd in the event of any future problem.

  thms 13:20 28 Oct 2006

Have a look here
click here

  sunny staines 17:04 28 Oct 2006

thanks for the link, but I got lost trying to make sense of it.
My aim was to copy the windows files from the C drive to a cd to use as a repair windows cd for any future use. but I'm lost on how to get started on this other than buying a retail copy.

  Scouter 23:23 31 Oct 2006

Have a look at this site click here

  Z1100 23:28 31 Oct 2006

click here


  woodchip 23:30 31 Oct 2006

Your best bet is get Acronis True Image 9 and make a Image of the C:\ drive while it is working OK.

£15 click here

  Z1100 23:33 31 Oct 2006

and I have documented what I did to create a 4.2 gb 'recovery' image disc that means I never need to look at my XP, MS Office or PSE4 disc again.

I can load it all after a destructive re-build and it is easy.

  Scouter 23:44 31 Oct 2006

Read your saga I hope sunny staines has less grief when and if he creates his disk

  Strawballs 00:26 01 Nov 2006
  Strawballs 00:29 01 Nov 2006

click here or you can use this and just extract the i386 file and the sp2 and make it bootable and burn it to disc. I did it this way with an HP disc I just extracted windows and sp2 and it worked fine.

  Z1100 11:30 01 Nov 2006

It was much fun!


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