Best way to install XP/recovery-image, defrag etc?

  Danoh 00:09 17 May 2007

I've done clean installations of XP and applications from CDs, as well as from OEM's recovery image as well as my own DriveImage7 & Acronis True Image 9 images, several times.
Usually these have been done in a bit of a rush but I have often wondered what is the optimum way to get the best possible clean installation, especially to save as a backup image.

Would appreciate any thoughts on my approach which are not based only on my own assumptions.

I tend to always do a manual reboot after every installation of critical updates or applications, even where the installation stub does not prompt me to.
I then always run XP's defrag option.

However I tend to hold off on doing a disk cleanup or running CCleaner until the whole family of products installation is completed, on the assumption that some temp file might be required for followup updates or separate application's installation.

I would also only run RegCleaner after a similar family of products' installations.

Is there any validity to my assumptions?

Currently I am restoring with my Sony Vaio laptop's recovery image.
I seem to get file/folder fragments from the start; 1 in the Page File and 2 in the MFT.
After several Windows XP & NIS2005 updates, uninstall of a couple of applications and installation of new ones, I tend to have XP's Defrag can bing able to handle complete as before.
Fragments tend to show as 1 in the Page File and 3 in the MFT.

  crosstrainer 02:02 17 May 2007

Nothing wrong with the way you are approaching things, but might be a bit over the top on cc and any reg cleaner...apart from that Acronis does a good job.

  Danoh 09:18 17 May 2007

Thanks crosstrainer.

Bad typo in my posting - obviously past my bed time! It should have been;
"After several Windows XP & NIS2005 updates, uninstall of a couple of applications and installation of new ones,
I get XP's Defrag reporting that it can't deFrag some files or folders."

Report shows 1 fragment in Page File and 3 in MFT.
I've got round this by going back to a restore point and then slowly repeating the last few update installations.

Any idea why this was caused & how to avoid it?

  Danoh 14:28 17 May 2007

Found an interesting web site click here which echos my approach.

Although I've resolved XP's defrag not completing, I'd still welcome any comments as to what could have caused it and so how to avoid it, in pursuit of an optimum clean installation! :-)

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