Best way to go about this

  Phil01 19:02 26 Jul 2007

Ok here is the mission, my mate is wanting to get a broad band package which is value for money so we did a search of packages available in the area etc. but there are problems, i have a AOL package and am in the same area, i can only get 1 mb but was told by these internet checks i could get 2 mb...

but when they did a check on my line, they said my house was too far from exchange etc. so how can we be sure that what the checks say he can get are acuarte, i had to tell AOL this when i saw i didnt get the 2mb which is bad in my books!.

is there a way we can check his line to find out exaclty what he can get?

any help would be great

  Dipso 22:32 26 Jul 2007

Does he have broadband now?

  Toffly 22:55 26 Jul 2007

There is no way of telling what speed you can get, you just have to suck it and see it, so to speak. The best bet is to go for ADSL max, because that will run from anywhere from 512kbps to 8mbps, at the highest speed you can get stabily.

  Dipso 06:50 27 Jul 2007

...unless he already has broadband.

  Phil01 05:35 28 Jul 2007

He did have broadband, he was with tesco speed at 512, but he can not cannot and has got sick of them so cancelled his direct debit and i have ordered his MAT code for him, so right now he can not connect to the internet

  Strawballs 12:37 28 Jul 2007

Is he not in a cable area that is not dependant on distance from exchange oh and it's MAC code.

  Phil01 12:42 28 Jul 2007

Nope, the area we are in you can not cable, ye sorry ment MAC

  Dipso 15:11 28 Jul 2007

No way of telling for sure if he can't access the connection.

In my experience the BT availability checker has always been conservative i.e. it told me I'd only get 5.5 Meg but I got 8 Meg. What does that say for your mate click here

Most ISP's offer Max as a matter of course these days, so like Toffly says, find a package thats the right price preferably with a short contract term and suck it and see.

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